Diddy Arrested for Assaulting College Football Coach


Sean Combs, more widely known by his stage name “Diddy,” or, alternatively, “P. Diddy,” was arrested on Monday after assaulting his son’s college football coach. The entire confrontation was caught on the school’s security tapes, and the incriminating video footage was unleashed upon the internet this morning.

The 45 year-old music mogul, Diddy, was watching his son Justin Combs play in a routine college football practice at the UCLA campus in Los Angeles when he apparently lost his temper and attacked his son’s coach. Police arrived on the scene and detained him. He was later released from jail on a $50,000 bond. Due to this outburst, Diddy is currently facing three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of battery, and one count of making a terrorist threat.

The brawl is thought to have started because UCLA football coach Sal Alosi was yelling at Diddy’s son during practice. According to a fellow teammate, the young Combs is slotted to play as junior defensive backer when the sport’s season starts this fall, but he had missed some recent workouts and was “not giving a great effort.” Diddy responded to Alosi’s coaching methods by grabbing Alosi by the shirt and threatening him with a metal kettlebell (a piece of weight-lifting equipment).

The attack did not happen immediately, however. Diddy waited until about 12 p.m. to go searching Alosi out in order to confront him. Alosi was alone in his office when Diddy found him, but several witnesses in the locker room overheard the assault.

Alosi instructed his intern, who was outside his office, to alert campus security. Diddy then hurled a kettlebell in the direction of the intern. He eventually had to be restrained by students and personnel. Diddy did not regain self-control until police arrived.

Some people close to the situation speculate that UCLA will drop the charges against the celebrity, but Diddy will most likely not be allowed onto the field again. A press release from the university stated that no one was seriously injured, though Alosi sustained minor injuries to his face, and his shirt was ripped.