Foghat at Summerfest 2015: Event Review

Foghat performed at Summerfest 2015 (Milwaukee, WI) on July 4th in front of sold-out crowd of 5,000 attendees. I was eager to see the band perform, after I kept hearing people talk about how excited they were to see Foghat live. The moment the band took the stage, the audience stood up, cheered, and screamed so loud that the sounds echoed throughout BMO Harris Pavilion. The legends opened their set by playing “Fool For the City,” and the majority of the crowd didn’t hesitate to sing along.

Frontman Charlie Huhn demanded the audience’s attention onstage, and the crowd was feeding off of his energy. With the energy at an ultimate high, the band rocked out to “Eight Days on the Road,” “Drivin’ Wheel,” “Stone Blue,” and “Night Shift.” The original Foghat lineup may not be the same, but lead guitarist Bryan Bassett and bassist Craig MacGregor were marvelous onstage- it’s as if the band has been playing together for decades. I had the pleasure of interviewing the only remaining original member of Foghat, Roger Earl. The drummer opened up about the advantages of performing at big festivals such as Summerfest. “We’ve played here two or three times before, it’s a terrific venue. I like that you get a large crowd- a mixed crowd. I also like that’s it’s different age groups in the audience,” Earl stated. He said that because their songs have been in numerous commercials, video games, and films, Foghat has gained quite a bit of young fans.

During their set, I continuously looked around to see the audience’s involvement, and it was amazing to see how engaged Foghat’s fans were throughout the show. It seems as if the crowd knew all of the words to their music, which made watching Foghat’s performance even more memorable. The band’s setlist also included “Third Time Lucky,” “Terraplane Blues,” and “Honey Hush.” The biggest moment of the performance was when the band exited the stage, and returned to play their classic song “Slow Ride.” While most of the young people in the audience didn’t know the majority of the songs Foghat played, it seems they all knew the lyrics to “Slow Ride.” The song sent the entire venue into a frenzy, and tons of attendees outside the venue joined in to sing along to “Slow Ride” as well.

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