50 Cent Ordered to Pay Victim in Sex Tape Ordeal


A judge has ordered 50 Cent to pay a woman $5 million dollars because he was responsible for leaking the sex tape she made with her boyfriend online. The victim Lastonia Leviston, who is the ex-girlfriend of Rick Ross, filed the lawsuit against 50 Cent in 2010. The lawsuit alleged 50 Cent distributed the sex tape that featured Leviston and her then boyfriend. 50 Cent edited out the man who was originally on the sex tape, and the video that was leaked online comically featured the New York rapper portraying a pimp. The updated sex tape with 50 Cent received over three million views online.

The hip hop mogul did admit that he shared the embedded link to sex tape, but 50 Cent believed Rick Ross was to blame for initially leaking the video online. Therefore, 50 Cent filed a lawsuit against Rick Ross for allegedly leaking the tape. The New York rapper included a radio interview with Rick Ross, for which he stated he was going to leak the tape. The rapper’s defense did not convince the New York jurors, and he was found guilty of leaking the tape without the victim’s permission. “We are disappointed in the verdict but very appreciative of the service of the jury and the court,” the rapper’s attorney William A. Brewer III stated.

50 Cent’s lawsuit against Rick Ross is the latest development in the on-going feud between the two rappers, which started in 2009. The feuding allegedly began at the BET Awards where Ross publicly stated that he didn’t like the way 50 Cent looked at him. Ross followed his statement with a diss song about 50 Cent, which was named “Mafia Music.” 50 Cent responded to Ross with his own diss record entitled “Officer Ricky (Go Head, Try Me).” 50 Cent’s song called out Ross for being a former correctional officer- something that Ross had vehemently denied in the past. After years of denying the “officer” allegations, Ross finally admitted he used to be a correctional officer in Broward county. The two rappers went back and forth releasing several diss records, but their beef had somewhat ended- until 50 Cent decided to sue Rick Ross.