Girls Day: ‘Ring My Bell’ Music Video Review

Girls Day- Ring My Bell Music Video Review - PPcorn

Girls Day asks you to ring their bell, with their latest release ‘Ring My Bell.’ Taken from their second studio albumLove, providing an upbeat summer song. Girls Day show that they do not need an elaborate music video with a detailed plot, to prove the talent they have. Proving their power and popularity, Girls Day ‘Ring My Bell’ ranked number one on various South Korean music charts.

Girls Day music video for ‘Ring My Bell’ is more of a dance version, as all the scenes that are utilized in the video are just simple sets to showcase the dance choreograph Girls Day perform. Although most of the videos sets are simple there is two sets that have been elaborately decorated. The first scene is designed to look like a casino with slot machines in the background, with a DJ booth at the forefront of the scene. The second scene is designed to look like a stone building that has been ruined by time. The only other scenes that contain props are the four scenes used for individual scenes for the four members of girls day.

Minah’s scene is designed to look like she is standing on a cloud. Sojin scenes is designed with steps and a martini glass fountain.Yura’s scene is designed with the ruined stone building and a moving glitter loungers. While Hyeri’s scene is designed as a sliver room accompanied with a sliver revolving chair. The color scheme within the video is composed of metallic colors.

Listening to the backing track, the producer has obviously been influenced by the big band sound. As the brass instrument arrangement can be heard throughout the track. Reading the translated lyrics “My heart is beating, / You drive me crazy,” and “My head is spinning / My heart is about to explode, / Oh my boy say my name baby / Ring ring ring ring my bell.” These lyrics talk about Girls Day being driven crazy by the object of their affection, that unless the listener read the translated lyrics would not be able to understand that the song is about falling in desire from a woman’s perspective.

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