Dez Bryant Signs New Deal with Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys and Dez Bryant have reached a deal. Now that the deal has been signed, Cowboys’ fans can finally take a breath knowing the wide receiver will not have to miss any regular-season games. A day before the agreement was met, Bryant had threatened to skip training camp and possibly the regular season if he and the Cowboys could not reach a deal. According to ESPN, Bryant’s deal is worth $70 million for five years, which calculates to $14 million per season. The Pro Bowl wide receiver will get $32 million in guaranteed money, and a $20 million signing bonus. If he remains on the roster for the 2016-17 season, Bryant’s guaranteed money will increase to $45 million. The Cowboys’ reporter and writer, Nick Eatman, tweeted a photo of Bryant signing his new deal. “I smiled the whole way over here- I couldn’t even say nothing but just smile and laugh because I couldn’t believe it. All I could just think about is that it’s a dream. I think the only thing that’s missing is a Super Bowl,” Bryant stated.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones met with Bryant’s agency Roc Nation on Tuesday, July 14th. The meeting included Jay Z (Roc Nation founder) and Stephen Jones (Dallas Cowboys’ executive vice president). “[We met with Roc Nation] just to talk about the advice they provide him off the field, the supervision, and wanted everyone on the same page. Jay Z hired Tom Condon to do the deal, and that’s exactly what happened,” Jerry Jones explained. Jones continued,”The terms, the details of the contract- that was Condon and Stephen Jones. Roc Nation is not even certified to do a contract, but they provide Dez with great advice and support. There was no money discussed with Roc Nation.” Tom Condone is Bryant’s CAA representative, which is a talent agency that represents athletes and others in the entertainment industry.

Even though Roc Nation is not certified to do contracts, Jerry Jones did state that Roc Nation is the reason why they signed Bryant to this new deal. “If we were not comfortable with how Dez has grown over the past five years off the field and the support that includes Roc Nation, this deal probably doesn’t get done,” Jones said.

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