Connor Franta Launches Heard Well Record Label

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Popular YouTube content creator Connor Franta has successfully broken into a variety of markets in 2015.  The 23 year-old ingenue has released a New York Times best-selling book, helmed a fashion line with Junk Food Clothing, released a collection of coffee, and so much more; all while managing to post weekly videos on his frequently visited YouTube channel.  Now, Franta is adding a new project to the list.  He’s opening a record label called Heard Well.  What’s one more project when you’ve already tackled everything else?

Joining Connor Franta in his exciting new musical venture include Franta’s manager Andrew Graham of AwesomeTV’s Big Frame as well as Jeremy Wineberg.  In an unprecedented effort to connect to Franta’s roots as an online content creator to the musical world, Heard Well intends to partner with other digital stars who will curate compilation albums featuring music from their favorite “underground” artists.

Franta himself has released two such compilation albums in recent years, including 2014’s best-selling Crown and 2015’s Common Culture.  Several popular creators including Jc Caylen have already signed with the label to release projects.  Artists who are featured on albums will earn a cut of profits from sales as well as the benefit of exposure to the significant fan-bases of content creators like Franta, who boasts a casual 4.7 million followers on his YouTube channel.

Many of the artists who have featured on Connor Franta’s previous releases have gone on to release successful projects in recent months.  Franta has commented on the process of selecting talent to include on his albums, revealing the cross exposure and enjoyment that comes from such a project.  “I find a lot of up-and-coming musicians I enjoy, present them to my viewers – and hopefully inflate the growth of these artists by putting them in front an audience that wouldn’t have been aware of them.”  Artists who have hopped on previous releases include the likes of electro-pop princess Allie X and the soulful rocker Zella Day, both of whom have gone on to release successful solo projects in 2015.

What is slated to be the first project from Connor Franta’s new label?  Heard Well will be kicking things off with a July 24 release of Franta’s third compilation album Common Culture, Vol. 3.  Franta recruited close friend and YouTube creator turned musician Troye Sivan to help announce the project’s imminent release on social media.  Not a bad way to start things off over at Heard Well.  Now if you’ll excuse us, it’s time to go wait to hear who has made the track list!