Morrissey Says He Was Sexually Assaulted

Former Smiths frontman Morrissey says that he was a victim of sexual assault this past week. Yesterday, the famous singer made a post on his online zine True to You, in which he described an uncomfortable situation he faced while using the San Francisco International Airport. He states that while leaving the U.S., he went through a standard airport security scanning system and passed all inspections. Strangely though, he then goes into detail about how a security officer then went up to Morrissey, crouched down beside him, and proceeded to grope his “penis and testicles.”

The unnamed security guard was referred to as the General Manager on Duty. Morrissey was quickly met with two members of the British Airwaves Special Services, who asked that Morrissey lodge a complaint on the man. Morrissey was hesitant at first, feeling that a complaint wouldn’t do much to punish the man, but the officials assured him it was a worthwhile cause to bring to the attention of authorities. When the two British Airwaves Special Services members confronted the security guard and asked if he had just sexually assaulted someone, he replied by saying “That’s your opinion.”

Morrissey’s response to this was unsurprisingly aggravated. “The words “that’s just your opinion” volunteered themselves from this ‘officer’s’ mouth before he had even heard the question. He knew he could be confronted, but he also knew that he could never be challenged (even though the entire incident is most certainly on CCTV camera).” His post concludes with him saying that he feels his complaint about the security officer will ultimately be ignored. He then says that it won’t surprise him if other people face similar incidents while using the San Francisco International Airport.

Morrissey has always been known to be an artist who is very vocal about his concerns revolving around people he perceives as “wrong-doers”. He has verbally attacked political figures like Margaret Thatcher and George W. Bush, as well as other musicians. An earlier True to You post that arose this week explaining his exuberance with his latest North American tour, also included several vicious stabs at Cecil the Lion’s killer, Donald Trump, and even his own record label Harvest. This sexual assault claim is another in a long history of grievances that Morrissey has conveyed with the public, but it has yet to be determined if there will be any further developments in this case.