‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Creator Talks Sex


How to Get Away with Murder took America by storm when it premiered last year. The show’s addition to “Shondaland” was not disappointing, and I’m sure season two will be worth the wait. One of the things that created buzz for the show was the unforgettable sex scenes. From Professor Annalise Keating, played by Emmy Award-winning Viola Davis, getting down and dirty with her side piece to Connor, played by Jack Falahee, letting the world know what rimming is all about, How to Get Away with Murder knows how to explore the world of sex.

Creator and executive producer of the show Peter Norwalk said that sex is a pivotal factor for HTGAWM and plays a significant role in the future of Connor and Oliver’s relationship. “Sex is a big part of the show, especially with the character of Connor. He’s sexually driven, has a high sex drive, and that’s not going to change all of a sudden,” said Norwalk. At the end of last season, Oliver, played by Conrad Ricamora, announced that he was HIV positive. After their on-again off-again relationship finally started to turn on again, the news was dropped during the finale. “It’s a big decision for Connor to make about whether this is something that he can deal with in a boyfriend, or if that’s something that scares him,” according to Norwalk. Oliver was initially only supposed to be in the first episode, but due to the great onscreen chemistry, they brought him back.

Along with familiar faces, there will be newcomers to the show as well. Kendrick Sampson (Vampire Diaries), will pop up in the season premiere. His role is recurring, but as of now, we don’t know what role he will play. Matt Cohen (South of Nowhere) will play Levi, who is described as “a sexy, edgy working class guy.” He will appear in the second episode. X-Men alum Famke Janssen will play Keating’s new rival and will also be the one who reveals the killer of Rebecca Sutter.

How to Get Away with Murder left us with so many questions. Who killed Rebecca? Are Laurel and Frank going to make it official soon? How will Wes deal with Rebecca’s disappearance? Oh, and what about Nate? Are you excited to see How to Get Away with Murder back on television? Season 2 premieres September 24 on ABC.