Keke Palmer Is Gearing up for a New Album

While Keke Palmer is wrapping up with Scream Queens, she is also getting ready to release some new music. According to Palmer’s rep, she has signed a deal with Island Records. The 21-year-old actress, whose birthday is coming up in less than a week, hasn’t released new music since her 2012 mixtape Keke Palmer. Officially, Palmer hasn’t released music since her debut album, So Uncool, in 2007.

Her untitled first single will arrive this Fall, and we can’t wait to hear what she’s been working on. On September 8, the young star will host Island Life’s all-star concert in New York. The show kicks off Palmer’s new deal with Island Records, and the concert will feature performances from Shawn Mendes, Kiesza, Timeflies, and Palmer’s Scream Queens co-star and label mate Nick Jonas. The ever popular showcase has grown into a well known music festival in just a year. “To see Island Life grow from an artist-driven showcase into a festival event with branding and lifestyle opportunities is a tribute to the family that we have created at Island Records,” said Executive Vice President of Island Records, Eric Wong. Palmer seems to be in good company at Island Records.

Palmer will play Zayday in the upcoming FOX show Scream Queens. Zayday is described as a sorority pledge with a genius IQ. Palmer is enjoying the chance to experience a greek life setting, seeing as how she never attended college to experience, or see, the sorority life first hand. “I didn’t go to college, definitely wasn’t involved in any sororities or fraternities or anything like that, so it’s definitely cool to play that on TV,” she said. “Growing up, my dad is a part of a fraternity and so I used to always hear about fraternity and sorority life and all that stuff, so it’s very cool to me to be a part of that because I didn’t get a part of that in my real life.”

Palmer has also been cast as Marty, one of the iconic pink ladies, in the live musical production of Grease. She will play alongside Vanessa Hudgens and Julianne Hough. Palmer has also started production on her talk show Just Keke. Keke Palmer is one busy young lady, that is for sure.