Katy Perry Prepares Diss Track for Taylor Swift


Let the battle of the divas commence! Katy Perry is working on a reply to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” which is allegedly about the feud between Perry and Swift. Perry has teamed up with her ex-boyfriend Diplo on the supposed track.

“Katy knew Diplo would be just the man to produce “Crocodile Tears” for her and has now registered it,” an unnamed source said. The pairing is perfect for the song, seeing as how Diplo has not had a great relationship with Swift either. Back in 2014, Diplo completely humiliated the “Style” singer about her not-so-voluptuous butt. “Someone should make a kickstarter to get Taylor Swift a booty,” he wrote. Diplo took it even further when he actually started a fund for Swift’s booty. I guess he is still on the “I hate Taylor Swift,” train because he is ready to bring us the diss track we’ve been waiting for.

Perry’s new song is allegedly going to be titled “Crocodile Tears.” The song will give Katy’s perspective on the feud that started over Perry reportedly stealing Swift’s backup dancers. “So far she’s been very restrained with what she’s said about Taylor in public but is now ready to put her side across via the song,” a source said. The song is all about being fake, which is appropriate seeing as how crocodile tears are tears that are fabricated and insincere.

Reportedly, Swift is not phased by Perry’s upcoming diss track. The 25-year-old singer believes the song will help her career in the long run. “She [Taylor Swift] thinks it will help her out because it’ll draw more sales for her own single “Bad Blood,” a source reports. Swift is not sweating over “Crocodile Tears” and welcomes the competition. “She’s super relaxed about it, and welcomes the rivalry. Katy doesn’t scare her one bit.”

Swift isn’t the only person the “Dark Horse” singer is trying to take down. There is still no decision made regarding Perry’s desire to purchase a convent property in Los Feliz. Perry is up against some pretty tough nuns that refuse to let her have the gorgeous space. Judge James C. Chalfant has placed a hold on the property until the next hearing on September 15. Looks like no one is getting the place to themselves, as of now.