Kylie Rogers: The Newest, Greatest Child Star

It’s known in the acting world that actors who begin at a young age tend to become very successful. The younger the actor is, the more time the actor has to perfect his or her craft. This is especially true for females: Abigail Breslin, Michelle Trachtenburg, Alexa PenaVega, and Mackenzie Rosman are all great examples of child stars who became tremendously famous. Recently, an 11-year-old girl named Kylie Rogers has added her name to the list of child stars in Hollywood.

Some avid film and television watchers may know Kylie Rogers from films, such as Sunshine in Space Station 76Mojave, and Keepers. Some may also be familiar with Kylie from television shows like Private Practice and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. At the mere age of 11, Kylie has created quite the resume of acting success thus far in her career. However, these movies and television shows featuring Kylie are from last year. It’s what Kylie Rogers is doing now that makes her one of the the greatest child actors in Hollywood.

Kylie Rogers plays Minx Lawrence in the hit ABC show, The Whispers. Since the premise of the entire show relies on the existence of children, there are many other child actors in this show. I applaud the talents of the other child actors, but Kylie shines in her performance as Minx. Upon first glance, Kylie’s portrayal of Minx is like any other child. She’s a little girl that enjoys playing in the park, with her dolls, and with friends. Kylie Rogers’ talent allows her to perfectly portray the archetype of the cute little girl. She melts your heart every time she smiles, giggles, and tells her parents she loves them. “Can my child be like Minx, please?” some viewers ask as they continue to watch Kylie’s performance.

However, things have shifted. No child actor has ever broken my heart like Kylie Rogers. Oh, no spoiler alerts here for those that may watch the show and haven’t seen all episodes. Just know this: Kylie’s performance in later episodes of The Whispers is PHENOMENAL. I have never encountered a child actor with so much talent, so much ability to reach and affect an entire audience. Kylie Rogers has the acting talent of someone well beyond her years. The emotion that she displays, whether it be sadness, anger, or fear, is something that only an older, more experienced actor could normally channel and achieve. When Kylie cries, we cry. When she’s happy, we’re happy. Kylie Rogers has the ability to both warm our hearts and break them. Congratulations on your big break, Kylie.