Ladies, Embrace Your Inner April Ludgate

It’s no surprise that, as human beings, we have good days and bad days. On these bad days, ladies, we turn into April Ludgate, the curmudgeonly smug and perpetually sadistic character from Parks and Recreation. Transforming into April Ludgate on a particularly off day is perfectly normal, and I’d argue that, as females, we need to embrace our inner April Ludgate more often. Here’s why.

On Parks and Recreation, April is best known for her careless attitude and her ability to complete as little work as possible. Let’s face it, the only “work” April Ludgate is great at is hanging up on people. Give April a phone, and she’s set for the day. April is constantly sarcastic to those she encounters (some refer to her as emotionless), she’s not afraid to speak her mind (no matter how dark her thoughts), and she has a signature stare. More importantly, April Ludgate hates A LOT of people.

Does this remind you of anyone? I propose that we embrace April Ludgate as our spirit animal on bad days. Oh, you need to clean the house? Too bad. Oh, you’re receiving important phone calls? Nope, you’re not taking any calls today. And if you are taking calls, you’re hanging up on people. Oh, you have a lot of work to do? It can wait until…whenever. Like April Ludgate, on bad days, you don’t get any work done. Time for a nap, am I right?

Now, I’m not saying that April Ludgate is a disagreeable character, and I’m not saying that people don’t admire her or are ashamed of having her qualities. I have to admit, many Parks and Recreation fans are drawn to Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones), but many people also adore April. Some people may even embrace April Ludgate’s qualities on a daily basis. The last bad day I had, I practiced what I’m preaching: I became my inner April. As soon as I embraced my inner April Ludgate, my day got easier. And, like April Ludgate’s colleagues in Parks and Recreation, people just understood me. So, ladies, embrace your inner April Ludgate on bad days. Completely rock it! Own that lazy, heartless personality like April does, and the rainbows and butterflies will return shortly.