Deadpool: The R-Rated Superhero of Our Dreams

When Fox Studios announced the much anticipated Deadpool movie, fans were immediately very skeptical…until the red band (read: for adult audiences only) trailer put their collective minds at ease. The last time Marvel Studios had the character of Deadpool on the big screen was in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Marvel fans had varied views on the film, but they were all united in agreement with one thing: Ryan Reynolds played the PERFECT Wade Wilson (Deadpool’s alter-ego) but were dismayed at the film’s incarnation of Deadpool towards the end of the film.

Understandably, Fox wanted to take another stab (pun intended) at Marvel’s Deadpool. It seems the big-wigs heard the collective cries of millions of comic book fans around the world when they cast Ryan Reynolds as the titular character. Were we finally going to get the Deadpool movie we’ve been so anxiously waiting for? That depended on one thing, said fans: “What is this film going to be rated?”

For much of Deadpool’s existence in the comic books, he has been known as the “Merc with a Mouth” and not just because of his goofy quips and tendency to break the fourth wall. The comics concerning Deadpool also tended to be a little more “adult.” Even outside of Marvel’s more graphic imprint, “MAX Comics,” which are intended for older readers, Deadpool‘s jokes and inner monologues are still riddled with sexual innuendos and blue-collar comedy that makes him one of the more hilarious characters in the Marvel Universe.  So, comic book fans were wary about a standalone Deadpool movie they feared would be watered down to sell the film to a larger audience.

When this red band trailer from Marvel Studios (the first red band trailer Marvel ever put out) was released, the internet was elated. The trailer is rife with the low brow humor, crass quips, and excessive violence that made the character of Deadpool one of the most beloved antiheroes ever created. However, this isn’t the most important factor. What’s fantastic about the whole thing is this: he’s in the SUIT! So, with that said, sit back, relax and enjoy Marvel’s Deadpool red band trailer.