Dog Guards Trapped Companion for One Week Waiting for Help

Dogs aren’t just a man’s best friend – they’re a dog‘s best friend, too. Two dogs in Washington state were found on Monday after being lost for an entire week. The dogs belonged to nonprofit organization Vashon Island Pet Protectors, or VIPP, which is a no-kill shelter that helps take care of rescue dogs and other animals.

The two dogs are named Tillie, an Irish Setter, and Phoebe, a Basset Hound. They were lost for an entire week because Phoebe became stuck in a cistern in a ravine while the two were out exploring. Though Tillie was not stuck with Phoebe, she loyally waited with Phoebe to keep her company and refused to abandon her.

Tillie was able to alert somebody that something was amiss by leaving and looking for help every day. Finally, somebody took note and called VIPP, saying that a “reddish dog” was periodically coming onto their property and trying to get their attention. Tillie never left Phoebe for too long and stayed with her all the way up until she was rescued from the ravine.

VIPP posted an update to Facebook after the two dogs were safely returned. Part of the update reads, “MISSING DOGS FOUND!!! HOORAY FOR TILLIE…and a HUGE HANKIE ALERT. We are overjoyed to report that after being missing a week, Tillie and Phoebe are now safe after being found deep in a ravine off monument road – with Phoebe being stuck in an old cistern.” Though Tillie and Phoebe were reportedly cold and hungry when found, thankfully, neither dog sustained any long-term damage. Both Tillie and Phoebe are currently safe and perfectly fine.

It’s no surprise that Tillie waited it out with Phoebe. Irish Setters are generally active, gregarious, and sweet dogs. They tend to get along with everyone they meet and are a traditional hunting breed. Interestingly, Irish Setters are often used as therapy dogs in both hospitals and schools. Basset hounds are also friendly and playful. They are hunting dogs and have an incredible sense of smell. Perhaps that’s how Phoebe got trapped so deep in the ravine.