Jonathan Massaad: Patron Saint of Halloween Candy

Dessert might just be the most important meal of the day. Let’s face it, you’d be lying if you said you weren’t excited for all the Halloween candy that’s been flooding drugstores everywhere. Now that it’s October, sweet treats are front and center. Well, there’s someone that will surely tend to your sweet tooth and your stomach, and just in time for Halloween. Meet Jonathan Massaad, a 17-year-old dessert king and patron saint of all Halloween candy fanatics. Here’s why he deserves this title.

Jonathan Massaad is from Greystanes, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. At first, Massaad might seem like a regular seventeen-year-old. Sure, he attends school and spends time with family and friends; however, his passion for dessert sets him a part from everyone else. It’s no secret that Massaad is super into baking extravagant desserts. Massaad started baking at the mere age of 11. At such a young age, Massaad relied on cake mixes, icing, and sweet decorations that you could purchase at your local grocery store. As he got older, his experience increased as well as his yummy creations. Now, Massaad is taking baking and dessert to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Massaad evidently takes pride in his scrumptious creations, emphasizing that they are all unique. His beakers filled with Milo panna cotta and topped with Maltesers (it’s just enough to subside your sugar craving) and his Nutella fudge chocolate figures are just a couple of his unique desserts. Massaad also takes known desserts and puts his own creative, kingly spin on them. For example, fudge pops that don’t melt, chocolate cakes that tower over all other cakes, cheesecake made with Vegemite, s’mores cups made to be like the classic – but less messy – and the classic, forever loved, ice cream cone. Is your mouth watering yet? But wait, there’s more.

Trick-or-treating is a fun-filled time overflowing with a lot of candy…especially chocolate. Snickers, Kit-Kats, Twix,Milky Way, a chocolate lovers dream is fulfilled on Halloween. Well, Massaad is a pro when it comes to chocolate. Many of his creations revolve around chocolate, and some of them are cool for Halloween parties. They’re not necessarily creepy, but I would definitely make some for a children’s Halloween party. His mini-desserts (typically chocolate filled in beakers) look like fun science experiments. Additionally, Massaad tops one such dessert with half of a Ferrero Rocher treat, and it looks like an eyeball rests on the top of the beaker. Kids would definitely love these desserts!

For those interested in purchasing Massaad’s confectionary creations, he has his own dessert line called Sugar High Desserts. Massaad hopes to open up his own shop, but right now he has a pickup and delivery service for those in Australia. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that one day, this dessert king will distribute his incredible desserts to everyone all over the world. For now, we’ll wait for our Halloween candy.