Can Global Warming Help You Fit Into Skinny Jeans?

A group of science educators who run the popular AsapScience YouTube channel recently speculated on what, given the state of global warming, human beings might look like in 1,000 years. This is especially interesting as we continue to adapt and evolve to our environment.

Scientists speculate that over time, our skin tones will grow increasingly darker, as more UV radiation penetrates the atmosphere, and that we will use tiny robots inside our bodies to enhance our natural capabilities, such as our senses and our immune systems. We’ll get smarter over time, and our brains will continue to grow, making our foreheads even larger than they are now. We’ll live longer and may even see the emergence of things like new eye colors (red!) and the ability to digest metals and use them as a source of food, thanks to genetic mutations growing more widespread.

The best news for lovers of skinny jeans and crop tops is the prediction, grounded in solid science, that humans will become taller and skinnier over time! A scientific principle known as Allen’s Rule states that the shape and proportion of warm-blooded animals depends on how much heat they are regularly exposed to in their natural environments. Warm-blooded creatures that live in cold climates will tend to have shorter, thicker body parts, and be closer to the ground to conserve body heat, while creatures in hot climates will tend to have long, thin limbs and bodies to help dissipate heat, allowing them to remain cool. As the planet continues to warm, exposing us to warmer temperatures for longer periods of time, chances are we will respond by growing longer, thinner limbs that can get rid of heat more efficiently.

Generally, evolution takes hundreds, if not thousands of years to bring about observable changes, but not always. British men at the turn of the century stood at an average height of 5’6″, while the average British man today is 5’10” – an increase of four inches in a relatively short period of time. Unfortunately for us, the best strategy for getting into skinny jeans remains working out and eating sensibly, but there is a good chance your great-great grandchildren will be one of those ‘naturally skinny’ people who was simply born that way.