Top Ten Worst Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

Girls have been using Halloween as an excuse to dress provocatively for years, but sometimes the attempt to be “sexy” goes all wrong. These “sexy” costume ideas are neither sexy nor suitable for Halloween. Actually, they’re pretty funny. Here the 10 worst “sexy” Halloween costume ideas.

Number Ten: “Tribal Princess.”

Not only is this offensive, but that headdress will also make you look like a bird. Nope.

Number Nine: Sexy Clown.

There’s nothing sexy about clowns. Nothing.

Number Eight: “Ms. Sexy Mario Green Player.”

Not only is this costume ridiculous (Suspenders? Really?), but the fact that they couldn’t even call it “Luigi” is equally absurd.

Number Seven: Sexy Elf.

It’s Halloween, not Christmas. Come on.

Number Six: “Feisty Nun.”

Though I’m sure many boys had fantasies about Catholic school, a fantasy about a nun was definitely not one of them. Don’t get into the habit of wearing this.

Number Five: “Little Fur Kitty.”

Sexy cat costumes may be the most popular of the sexy costume ideas, and they’re entirely overdone. “Little fur kitty” might be unique, but this costume looks like something meant for a six-year-old.

Number Four: Sexy Charlie Brown.

Cover this poor woman up with a great pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Number Three: Sexy Barney.

If your childhood hasn’t been ruined already, it is now.

Number Two: “Pretty Paratrooper.”

No girl should ever, ever, EVER dress up as a sexy [insert official Military name]. This is the opposite of supporting the troops.

Number One: “Cry Baby.”

Finally, the absolute worst sexy costume idea is a sexy baby. This girl definitely needs a permanent time out from the costume game.