Drunk Baby Ghost Plays Practical Joke in Singapore Bar


Just in time for Halloween, patrons at a Singapore bar were recently surprised to see a bar stool fall over completely on its own. Well, not completely; the footage below shows a small white figure running away just after the stool is knocked over.

The footage was taken at Cato bar by CCTV. The video is just under a minute and a half long, but the scary stuff doesn’t start until about 20 seconds in, when the stool to the left of the two patrons begins to rock. The two men don’t notice until the stool falls, which occurs at about 36 seconds into the video. The men then proceed to get up and walk over to the stool. That’s when the real scary stuff begins.

As one of the men begins to pick up the stool and put it back into place, we see a small white figure emerge from the opposite side of the bar and begin to run toward the men. The figure then runs into another section of the bar, and the mean leave, appearing outwardly confused. The bartender appears not to notice either.

Reactions on Facebook have been mixed, with some people clearly terrified and convinced the video is real, while others are obviously skeptical. Cato Bar has not responded to the video or mentioned anything about it on their Facebook page, despite someone posting the video onto their timeline. Some people are convinced the video is a promotion for Cato’s Halloween festivities coming up this weekend. At any rate, the video has been shared thousands of time on Facebook, so if this is a promotional stunt, it has been successful.

This is not the first time CCTV has caught evidence of an apparent ghost in a bar. Just last year, an image of a ghost was captured in Ye Olde Man and Scythe in Bolton. Just after the image was caught, the cameras turned off. So – is this the real deal? Did a (potentially) drunk baby ghost apparition knock over a bar stool to play a practical joke? Did the bartender just want to spook away his only customers and go home? Are you this ghost, and can we be friends? Let us know in the comments.