Fallout 4 May Be Better Than Porn, According to Web Traffic

fallout 4 thumbnail ppcorn

There might finally be a shift of power occurring between the porn and gaming industries. Last week’s release of Fallout 4 triggered a 10 percent drop in traffic on PornHub, one of the web’s leading porn websites.

Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, Fallout 4 is a role-playing game full of action and set in post-apocalyptic Boston. The Fallout franchise has a cult following, so it’s no surprise that the release of Fallout 4 made the news. However, the fact that the release of a single game led to a whopping 10 percent drop in PornHub’s traffic is outstanding, to say the least.

The highest drop in traffic on PornHub was seen between the hours of 7 a.m. and noon on November 10, the day of the game’s release. Traffic slowly returned to normal until 6 p.m., and then it dropped again until midnight. Of the 60 million daily visitors to PornHub, many of them are apparently avid gamers. Or, at least many of them are interested in playing Fallout 4.

Though a 10 percent drop in traffic may seem huge, PornHub released information that shows the demographic with the largest drop in visits on the day of the game’s release were sports fans. The smallest decrease in traffic to the porn site was from shooter game fans. Though the data PornHub collects from Google Analytics is completely anonymous, it is intriguing nonetheless that they can be aware of such specific information.

Although all of this might provoke one to assume the hotly anticipated Fallout 4 was worth the wait, there were actually many bugs the game presented upon its release. One example of a glitch that had to be fixed was a bug that caused characters in the game to be trapped in an elevator; other players experienced issues with their armor, and others still had problems loading the game in the first place.

According to a report from ExtremeTech, porn comprises 30 percent of web traffic at any given time. It has been noted for its addictive properties, and one 2009 study noted that not a single man in his 20’s at a university had not seen at least one piece of porn online. With the release of this new information, it looks like the link between the addictive properties of gaming and the addictive properties of porn may be stronger than many people think.