Turn Your Smartphone Into a Sex Toy With IZIVIBE


Your smartphone can already do almost anything, and now it can do even more. Meet IZIVIBE – an app and a phone case that work in tandem to give you pleasure where it counts. You can download the app today. Even better, it’s free! Though the case will only attach to a smartphone at this time, people who have the Apple Watch can also download IZIVIBE for free.

Along with its smooth outside, the phone case is phthalate-free and hypoallergenic to guarantee it’s more secure for your body. Even cooler, the application permits other individuals to manage your IZIVIBE from another location, a function produced for long distance couples to remain connected. There are other tools that long distance couples can use that allow them to control their partner’s sexual response, but IZIVIBE is truly a one-of-a-kind creation.

The IZIVIBE website was recently created, yet the item is not yet for sale. An agent for the firm claimed IZIVIBE plans to introduce itself to the market in June of 2016, yet neither the precise day or price could be verified.

The IZIVIBE case includes a lengthy 100% medical-grade silicone handle, which functions as a vibe when switched on by your phone’s vibrations. These vibrations can be regulated by the IZIVIBE application, which includes seven various strengths for hands-free play. Or, if you would rather, you could utilize the phone case as a vibrator – with or without vibrations. Although it does look easy to use, it doesn’t really look like you could use it in public without anyone noticing. Which is probably a good thing, to be honest.

IZIVIBE declares to be the globe’s first sex toy that makes use of a smartphone’s function to satisfy people. All you need is the phone case and the app. IZIVIBE item supervisor Remy Waddle said that the motivation behind the phone case was “to imagine an original product, not vulgar, [that is] simple and effective.” Make sure you properly activate Siri when using IZIVIBE. Wink, wink.

Will you be counting down the days until IZIVIBE is released, or do you think this is just another sexy gimmick? Let us know in the comments!