Would You Let a Dog Film Your Wedding? This Couple Did


One couple decided to hire a last minute wedding videographer: their own dog. According to metro.co.uk, Addie and Marshall Burnette didn’t have time to film a professional, so they just used their Siberian husky named Ryder to do the job. And do the job he certainly did.

A GoPro was attached to Ryder’s back before the wedding, and during the wedding the Burnette’s decides to just let Ryder roam around. The wedding took place in beautiful Roan Mountain, Tennessee, where the couple decided to elope. That explains why they didn’t have time to hire a fancy wedding videographer.

Ryder was able to document Addie getting ready, the wedding photos, and of course, the actual wedding, including post-wedding celebrations. Snow covered the mountain, which made the wedding scene appear to be out of some kind of winter wonderland. And as a pleasant surprise, Ryder actually captured some very sweet moments.

According to Burnette, “Our dog, Ryder insisted on filming the wedding video, so we let her do her thing.” A friend was there to witness the wedding, as well as ensure Ryder didn’t wander off into the trees or run away. The couple hasn’t said anything about how they paid Ryder, but we imagine she got paid in doggie treats.

This even follows a string of events connecting dogs and weddings. Just last year, dozens of dogs got married in a mass wedding that took place in Lima, Peru. The dogs’ owners were there to receive official documents and help the dogs “sign” the papers with their paws. The dogs even wore suits and dresses to the wedding. Though Ryder wasn’t wearing a tux, he was definitely professional for his parents’ big day.

So, this event can only beg the question: what’s next? Would you let a cat film your wedding? We’re guessing a cat would spend most of the time curled up or staring off into space, so that might not be the best idea. However, we’re guessing there’s someone out there crazy enough to try once. How about a drone as a wedding videographer? A drone controlled by a dog? The possibilities are truly endless.