Meet the 900-Pound Couple Who Can’t Have Sex

Chinese couple Lin Yue and Deng Yang want to start a family, but there’s just one small hiccup that’s stopping them: they are physically incapable of sex. According to the Daily Mail, the couple collectively weighs 62 stone or 870 pounds.

Yue and Yang are beginning a weight loss journey they hope will end in them starting a family. They want to raise children, but because of their weights, they are physically incapable of having sex that will lead to them starting a family. They weigh three times more than the average Chinese couple.

Though an 870-pound couple might seem nearly normal in the United States, in China, culture has stopped Yue and Yang from appearing normal. Because they would be constantly fat-shamed when they went out in public, they order most of their food and clothing online. Yue is 5’4″ and has a waist size of 63 inches while his wife is 5’3″ and has a waist size of 67 inches. Ironically, she works as a nurse.

The couple has recently embarked on a weight loss journey that they hope will allow them to be more publicly accepted and eventually will allow them to start a family. Since they have never been able to have sex, they hope that losing weight will help them conceive. They traveled to an unnamed hospital in Changchun, located in China’s Jilin province. There, they had their measurements taken and have been put on a strict fitness and diet plan. Yang hopes to take new wedding photos at the end of their journey.

This story comes just one month after China’s heaviest woman ever recorded, Qian Qian, underwent surgery for the sake of love. Qian weighed 500 pounds when she had surgery, and she hopes to lose up to 100 pounds per year on her new diet and fitness plan. Yue and Yang hope to experience similar success, although their circumstances are a little less drastic.

Chinese culture has long emphasized the importance of being thin, so there is special pressure put on people who are overweight. Despite scientific evidence supporting the idea that heavy people may be heavy due to genetics or other factors they cannot control, they are often blamed by others for being lazy and greedy. Hopefully, Yue and Yang will be able to raise the family they want in a more accepting culture.