8 Hilariously Stupid Ways People Have Gotten High


Getting high is an activity that many people enjoy, but it’s not always a safe game to play. For those who are especially desperate, sometimes dangerous methods are employed to get that euphoric high. Below are eight of the worst and most hilariously stupid ways people have gotten high. Most of these are so sad they’re funny.

Number Eight: Snake Venom. Steve Ludwin has been injecting himself with snake venom for 20 years. He milks cobras and other snakes and then injects a small amount into himself, claiming that the high experiences can last for days.

Number Seven: Cocaine Paste. The residue left over after manufacturing cocaine is called paco, and some people like to smoke it. However, what’s not so great about paco is that it can contain harmful substances such as rat poison and glass shards.

Number Six: Mothball. Yes, those things that make your grandmother smell strange can actually get you high. Well, sort of. Some teens collect mothballs to put in a bag and huff them. However, it can lead to mental impairment and scaly skin, and the only real high mothballs provide is dizziness from lack of oxygen.

Number Five: Fluorinated Hydrocarbon. Huffing compressed air duster has been a hobby for decades, but we’ve known for a long time about its detrimental effects. It can lead to temporary paralysis and can even stop your heart. Huffing the compressor will eventually fill the lungs and keep oxygen out.

Number Four: Choking Game. The choking game doesn’t even sound fun, but people still do it! To play, people choke themselves to they cut off blood from their brains; when they release their grip, the rush of blood to their head creates a tingly sensation that feels like a high. Don’t try this at home, kids.

Number Three: Human Feces. A street gang in Zambia was so desperate to get high that they decided to huff human feces. The gang members would place excrement in a bottle and cover it with a balloon. After letting the bottles sit out in the sun, they inhale the vapors and experience a high, or what is more likely a massive low.

Number Two: Catnip. This one is no surprise, but it’s not exactly a smart idea. Some people smoked catnip in the ’60s, but still kids try it today when they can’t get their hands on marijuana can lead to relaxation and mild euphoria, it also leads to nausea and headaches, not to mention the shame you’ll experience after realizing you smoked the same thing your cat eats.

Number One: Lip Balm. Finally, one of the most bizarrely stupid ways kids have tried to get high is with Burt’s Bees lip balm. Even though the lip balm is completely organic, kids will rub it on their eyelids to experience something like a “high.” According to doctors, doing this is dangerous because the peppermint oil in the lip balm is a very strong irritant.