8 Hilariously Inappropriate Jokes Found in Kids Shows


Kids shows might sound like something innocent, but in reality some kids shows can be extremely inappropriate. These eight inappropriate hidden jokes found in the most popular kids shows are both hilarious and mind-boggling. Would you let your kids watch these shows? Have you already? Find out for yourself!

Number Eight: Spongebob SquarepantsIn the episode titled “Gary Takes a Bath,” Spongebob and Gary are pretending they’re pirates and decide to go into the bathroom. Spongebob grabs two bars of soap and tells Gary that they’re made of gold. He then hands the soap to Gary and tells him not to drop it while coyly winking. There’s pretty much no way to miss that one, and the episode was banned in the U.K. and Australia on three separate occasions.

Number Seven: FrozenThere is a scene in this wildly popular movie when Anna is talking to Kristoff about the man she married on a whim. Kristoff interrogates Anna about the man, including asking about his shoe size. Anna retorts by saying size doesn’t matter, and kids everywhere were confused.

Number Six: The RescuersAnimated 1977 film The Rescuers was a heroic tale, but there’s one moment that was a little less heroic. As the two mice are flying on the back of an albatross in a city, a woman can be seen in the background topless in her apartment. The scene went undetected for 22 years but was eventually recalled in 1999.

Number Five: Happy FeetYou might be wondering how a movie featuring animated penguins can be inappropriate, but it’s true. In the scene when Gloria pops out of the water and slides on the ice, she is quickly followed by Mumbles, and the two get into a little “tousle.” However, that tousle gets sexual once you pause the scene. The pair of penguins can be seen in several sexual positions when paused at the right time.

Number Four: AnimaniacsHit TV show Animaniacs appealed to both kids and adults, so it’s no surprise that the creators were able to slip in a couple inappropriate jokes. In one episode, Yakko tells Dot to dust for prints, but Dot mistakenly brings back the singer Prince. Yakko corrects her by saying, “No, fingerprints,” which can be misconstrued as “finger Prince.” Dot and Prince share a look, Dot says, “I don’t think so,” and the scene ends. This one slipped by a lot of kids, but adults everywhere were laughing out loud.

Number Three: Cow and ChickenIn an episode of Cartoon Network’s animated series Cow and Chicken titled “Buffalo Gals,” a group of burly ladies called the Buffalo Gals storms into a house and begins eating the carpet. This is an obvious reference to the term “rug munchers,” which is a derogatory term for lesbians. When people realized what was happening, the episode was instantly banned.

Number Two: MadagascarIn 2005’s Madagascar, there is a scene where Alex the Lion and Marty the Zebra reunite on the beach. However, Alex becomes angry and begins to chase Marty instead. As Marty runs away, he yells, “Oh, sugar honey iced tea!” Turned into an acronym, the phrase becomes a bad word.

Number One: RugratsFinally, one of the most hilarious and strangest inappropriate jokes can be found in Rugrats. In one episode, the Grandpa Lou rents three movies. Two of the movies are for the kids, and one is an adult fantasy film. Lou tells the kids that the fantasy film is for after they go to bed, clearly implying it’s a pornographic film.