Stuff This Year’s Stocking With Porn, Says Pornhub

Popular porn website Pornhub recently released an ad on YouTube for the holidays, reports Mashable. The ad implies that an ad-free porn service is a totally acceptable gift idea. The premium service being advertised also offers higher quality streaming and faster playback than the free service they offer.

The ad, which is SFW, by the way, shows a young man handing his old grandfather a present. While it seems sweet and innocent, the camera then pans to the card, which reads “Pornhub.” The two men then hug, and dirty old gramps sheds a tear. How…touching.

The YouTube description of the video describes giving the “most touching gift of all.” Apparently, if you decide to give a special someone the gift, you can add a personal message, although we don’t think any words are necessary with this kind of gift. Whether people will choose to buy this as a prank gift, an actual gift or a gift for themselves is unclear, but what is clear is that this is quite an unprecedented ad. The holidays are normally associated with “family-friendly” behavior, so it’s likely that soccer moms may balk at this idea.

Despite all this, what this ad does go to show is that the world is becoming more and more accepting of the practice of watching porn. No longer do people have to feel shame for watching porn or masturbating, and it’s much more often discussed now than it used to be. Watching porn can relieve stress and make you happier, but it can also be very addicting. The booming porn industry is proof of this, and just about everybody has at one point in their lives watched porn.

Something more insidious this could point to is just how deeply ingrained the porn industry is in our lives. Many young men watch pornographic videos and come to expect porn as their own reality, and many young women think they should behave like the women seen in pornographic videos. This can eventually cause rifts in relationships and deep-seated issues surrounding sex and sexual behavior. However, we’re choosing to look at this as an innocent, albeit awkward, gift. So, why not? This year, stuff your stocking with a little something extra! Check out the video below.