10 Wild Sex Stories You Won’t Believe Are Real


There are a lot of strange sex stories floating around the internet, but a lot of them are made up or exaggerated. However, these 10 true sex stories are so ridiculous you might not believe they’re real – but they are! Check them out for yourself below.

Number Ten: Lisa Sparxxx. American porn star Lisa Sparxxx holds the record for the most sexual partners in one day. During a porn convention in 2004, she had sex with 919 guys in 24 hours. That’s one guy every two minutes.

Number Nine: Chuck Negron. Lead singer of band Three Dog Night Chuck Negron had a lot of sex in the ’70s. In fact, he had so much cocaine-fueled sex that his penis split open like a “hot dog in a microwave,” according to him.

Number Eight: Dr. Carl Von Cosel. Dr. Carl Von Cosel spent seven years sleeping with a rotting corpse. He exhumed the body, rolled her back to his apartment, and even inserted a sort of vaginal tube so he could continue to have sex with her.

Number Seven: Hans Christian Andersen. Though Hans Christian Andersen may be well known for writing classics like The Little Mermaid, he was a furious masturbator as well. He kept a diary of his masturbations and, ironically, died a virgin.

Number Six: Robert Cheuvront. Robert Cheuvront decided to have a little too much fun in the pool when he got his penis stuck in a pump filter. Paramedics applied lubricant to his penis and dislodged it, but not without several bruises.

Number Five: Pope Benedict IX. Perhaps the worst pope of all time, Pope Benedict IX was well-known for the orgies he held at the Vatican. He was so crazy he even included animals in some of his orgies.

Number Four: David Martz. In May of 2005, helicopter pilot David Martz decided to join the mile-high club when he took a porn star up into the air with him and had her give him a blowjob. Video footage leaked onto TMZ and he lost his license.

Number Three: Machine-Shop Worker. One unidentified machine-shop worker had a little too much fun at work and would often place his member on the moving belt. He was doing that one day when he got distracted, resulting in his scrotum getting caught in the machine’s flywheel. The incident resulted in a large gash and a missing testicle.

Number Two: Le Xing. Le Xing was just casually trying to have sex with a park bench when he got stuck after becoming hard. Paramedics had to cut the bench from the ground and move all of it, Xing attached, to a hospital. It took doctors four hours to cut him free.

Number One: Edward Smith. Finally, Edward Smith is the man who has had sex with over 1,000 cars. He claims sex with cars is better than with women and has even had sex with a helicopter and a plane.