8 Unluckiest People Who Ever Lived


We’ve all had those days when we think everything that can go wrong has, but for these eight unluckiest people, their entire lives are like that one bad day. Check out their harrowing and unfortunate stories below, and just be glad that you only have some bad days.

Number Eight: Melanie Martinez. Melanie Martinez is so unlucky that she’s commonly known as America’s unluckiest woman. Her home has been destroyed by hurricanes a whopping five times over the past 50 years. She has thought about leaving her home of Louisiana, but she claims that it’s her home and refuses to leave.

Number Seven: Friedrich Riesfeldt. German zookeeper Friedrich Riesfeldt was trying to help a constipated elephant and decided to give it laxatives. However, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time when the elephant decided to relieve itself, drowning and killing Friedrich in 200 pounds of poop.

Number Six: Feng. Feng was disappointed to discover her husband was cheating on her, so she decided to cut off his penis not once, but twice. The first time she did it he was taken to the hospital and successfully mended. However, she snuck into the recovery room, cut his penis off entirely, and threw it out the hospital window.

Number Five: Joel Ifergan. Joel Ifergan was lucky enough to win the lottery, but he never got his money. He bought the winning ticket seven seconds too late. He thought he could get his money by taking his case to court. However, he ended up wasting years of his life, never won the money and subsequently fell into debt.

Number Four: Jeanne Rogers. Jeanne Rogers is so unlucky it’s hard to choose where to start. She slipped off the deck of a cruise ship and was stranded in the ocean for hours, she was struck by lightning twice, and she once pantsed the famous Fred Rogers (of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood) at a pool.

Number Three: Dick Wertheim. Dick Wertheim was a tennis linesman who was unfortunately hit in the groin by a tennis serve. The hit caused him to fall off of his chair and hit his head. He was in a coma for five days before he died from bleeding in his brain.

Number Two: Henry Ziegland. Henry Ziegland set off a chain of extraordinarily unlucky events in 1883. When he broke up with his girlfriend, she committed suicide, which inspired her brother to come after Ziegland and try to shoot him. However, the bullet her brother shot barely grazed Ziegland and struck a tree behind. Later, Ziegland set out to destroy the tree with dynamite. Unfortunately, that same bullet killed him in the explosion.

Number One: Roy Sullivan. Roy Sullivan has been struck by lightning not once, but seven times. He was a U.S. park ranger and still holds the world record for the most time a single person has been struck by lightning.