Britney Spears: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

We already brought you part one of our list of 15 things you didn’t know about Britney Spears, and now we’re back with part two! Keep reading to learn eight more facts about America’s sweetheart, who may be hiding more than you realize.

Number Eight: She Worked With Natalie Portman. Spears and actress Natalie Portman were both understudies in an off-Broadway play titled Ruthless!. The two have been good friends for quite some time since then, and they even co-hosted a New Year’s Eve party together in 2002.

Number Seven: She Likes Chocolate as Much as Sex. Spears has been quoted as saying that eating chocolate is “just like an orgasm.” She must really love chocolate.

Number Six: She Likes “Baby” and “Crazy.” The words “baby” and “crazy” are the two most often used words in her songs. Don’t believe us? There’s even a YouTube video compilation of all the times “baby” and “crazy” show up in her songs. Now that’s crazy, baby.

Number Five: She Made Shonda Rhimes Famous. Shonda Rhimes actually wrote the film starring Britney Spears, Crossroads. The film is widely regarded as terrible, but the fact that it starred Spears helped make the film famous. The film also starred Zoe Saldana and Taryn Manning, both of whom would go on to do much better things.

Number Four: She Has Only Won a Single Grammy. Despite the fact that her career spans more than two decades, Spears has only won one Grammy, for “Toxic.” She won the Grammy 10 years ago, and she has been nominated on seven other occasions.

Number Three: She Knows a Hit When She Hears it…Sometimes. Spears’ iconic song “…Baby One More Time” was passed up by TLC before Britney took it. However, she mistakenly passed on hit songs “Umbrella” and “Telephone,” which went on to become hits for Rihanna and Lady Gag, respectively.

Number Two: She Used to Be in a Girl Group. Remember Innosense? Yeah, didn’t think so. However, this was Spears’ first girl group. She left Innosense when she signed a solo deal in 1997.

Number One: She Has Fans Everywhere. Spears is one of our generation’s most iconic musicians, and she has more fans than almost any other musician. Even Adele, who is having quite a moment right now, canceled one of her own concerts to go see Spears perform.