The World’s 7 Weirdest Murder Weapons


What do you think of when you think of murder weapons? Guns, knives and perhaps some bare hands? Well, get ready to expand your mind, because we’ve got a list of the world’s 7 weirdest murder weapons. Check out the bizarre things that have been used to kill below.

Number Seven: A Guitar. In 2012, Derrick Birdow was high on PCP when he rammed his car into the side of a church, chasing a pastor from the parking lot into the church building. He then attacked the pastor and beat him to death with an electric guitar.

Number Six: A Poison Vagina. In 2011, one unfortunate 43-year-old man almost fell victim to a poison vagina. His wife wanted to divorce him, but he wouldn’t sign the papers. To get revenge, she laced her vagina with poison and attempted to get him to go down on her. As he was about to do it, he noticed an odd smell coming from her and insisted they go to the hospital. Both he and his wife would have died if the poison had stayed inside of her much longer.

Number Five: A Stiletto. In the summer of 2013, Ana Trujillo murdered her boyfriend with a cobalt blue stiletto pump. She claimed she was forced to murder him and hit him over 25 times with stiletto. There were 10 holes from the stiletto found in his head, and she was eventually sentenced to life in prison.

Number Four: Breasts. Donna Lange was 51 years old when she smothered her boyfriend to death with her own breasts. The couple had been drinking and smoking weed all day when they got into an argument. Lange’s boyfriend was smaller than she was, which meant she could throw him around and get him into a position that she wanted. She then smothered him to death with her very own breasts.

Number Three: A Pickle Jar. In 2010, one boy murdered a family friend to death with a pickle jar. The boy was being sexually abused by the family friend and wanted to escape the sexual favor. One night, when he asked to borrow the family friend’s car, the friend implied the boy could borrow it if he performed a sexual favor. The boy snapped, stabbing the friend 55 times and hitting him with a pickle jar.

Number Two: A Corkscrew. One of the most mysterious murders on this list, in the winter of 2008, Murat St. Hilaire was found dead. His 11-year-old daughter found him in their Brooklyn residence with a corkscrew sticking out of his temple. His murderer was never found.

Number One: A Dildo. Ramon Novarro was a famous silent screen actor of the 1920s and 1930s, and he was openly gay. This was a big deal at the time and put him at risk of bullying and abuse. In 1968, Novarro met up with two brothers under the guise of having sex with them, but the brothers had a different thing in mind. Instead, after having sex with Novarro, the brothers beat him to find the money they thought he was hiding. It was the lead dildo they shoved down his throat that ultimately caused him to suffocate to death.