Are Drones The New Selfie Stick?

Drones: they’re here, they know all the places where you can try and hide from them, but don’t worry, because all they want to do is take your selfie. Okay, so that’s obviously just wishful thinking, but it’s important to remember that even though drones hate Enrique Iglesias and have been known to drop the occasional bomb on somebody, they’re just another piece of technology. Just like there are good witches and there are bad witches, there are good drones, bad drones, and then there are the best drones. Best drones are basically just like humans, only they’re trapped in the body of a machine. Just like us, best drones like to spend their time chilling out, soaking up the sun, and taking lots of selfies – only because they’re the best, they don’t want to take selfies of themselves, they only want to take selfies of you. Isn’t technology just the best sometimes?


Forget everything we’ve ever taught you about taking the perfect selfie (well, actually don’t forget that – drones can’t be around all the time), and get ready to look at selfies in a whole new light thanks to Los Angeles-based photographer Renee Lusano and her personal drone named Furby. That’s right, her drone is named Furby, and Furby takes selfies that look like this.


That’s right, drones are like a selfie stick, only one hundred times better (although slightly harder to get through airport security and significantly more expensive). Here are Renee and Furby hanging out in open water.


Here they are basking in the glow of their material possession. And last but not least, here they are being patriotic as f-ck.


If you’re obsessed with taking pictures of yourself, it may be time to ask for a drone for Christmas. Santa may have never been in the military, but he undoubtedly knows a guy. After years of sneaking in and out of people’s houses, he’s made a few friends. For more stunning drone selfies, check out Renee Lusano’s Instagram account, but warning: the photos you see there may make you as green with envy as Lusano’s hair.