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Over the past four years, British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has transformed from starving artist to international music sensation with hit singles such as “The A Team,” “Sing,” and “Thinking Out Loud.” Sheeran’s gentle acoustic sound and incredibly honest and well-crafted lyrics have earned him number one albums in over 65 countries, four BRIT awards, as well as six Grammy nominations. For those that are fans of Sheeran’s musical style and sound, here is a selection of Free Music Downloads that you will surely enjoy.

Sarah Solovay – Superhuman EP. 21-year-old New York City native Sarah Solovay is a singer-songwriter with a soothing voice and a talent for composing music. Over the past seven years, her music has been featured in numerous television shows such as 90210 and The Lying Game, as well as on MTV and in Teen Vogue. Sarah’s latest release, Superhuman EP (2012), has five incredible tracks with honest and quite revealing lyrics that let the listener into Sarah’s brain. She is currently enrolled at Yale University, majoring in American Studies, but continues to pursue her music career as well.

Heath McNease – Losing Daylight. Recorded in only 15 hours, Losing Daylight is a beautiful album by Georgia native Heath McNease. The tracks on this record feature prominent acoustic guitars led by McNease’s delicate and pure voice. Many classify his music as a mixture between classic rock, folk, and even hip-hop in some instances. McNease spends most of his time touring the U.S., playing over 250 shows each year at any venue available.

Josh Curnow – Hearts Ruin. Born and raised in Cornwall, England, Josh Curnow is an excellent singer-songwriter. His music blends elements of pop, rock, and folk together seamlessly, and his gravelly voice makes his tracks that much more interesting. His lyrics captivate the listener and express his raw emotions in an expert fashion. Curnow has performed over 100 gigs as a solo artist and opened for X-Factor UK winner Matt Cardle at Party on the Hill.

Emma Grager – Darker Days. Emma Grager’s first single “Darker Days” is a serene track that permanently engages the listener. It features a wide variety of instruments from a traditional acoustic guitar to a violin and a tambourine. The lyrics include many descriptions about nature and even include rhetorical devices such as personification that help convey the message of the song more effectively. 22-year-old Grager currently attends college in Nashville, Tennessee, and continues to write music whenever she can.

Jordan Craig – Paris. Canadian-born Jordan Craig is a multi-talented singer-songwriter from Winnipeg. His music is soulful and raw in nature and has infectiously contagious melodies that listeners can’t get out of their heads. Most of his songs are inspired by love and relationships, and this helps him connect with his audience on a deeper level. Craig cites some of his musical inspirations as John Mayer, Damien Rice, and Ray Lamontagne.

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