Top 10 Sexiest Female Jobs, According to Men

The numbers are in! According to this study, men are taking notice to professional working women. For the record, models are not on this list- men are most attracted to women behind the desk.

Number Ten: Hair Stylist. Annual Salary: $22,000. When a man allows someone to cut their hair, it’s a sign a trust. One of the most attractive traits of a woman is a trustworthy one. I can understand why a man would find a hair stylist an attractive job.

Number Nine: Police Officer. Annual Salary: $55,000. A lot of men find strong and powerful women who can kick some serious butt very sexy. Today, there are a lot more woman patrolling the streets, and men have taken notice.

Number Eight: Accountant. Annual Salary: $35,000. A sophisticated woman is confident and trustworthy. Men definitely want a woman who they can trust, and so finding a woman they can trust with their money is a win-win scenario.

Number Seven: Banker. Annual Salary: $71,000. Female bankers are pretty stern, and I’m sure that can be pretty attractive. I guess a woman who is passionate about finances is also sexy.

Number Six: Flight Attendant. Annual Salary: $37,000. I guess men can’t get enough of female flight attendants in their uniform. I’m assuming they like how comforting female flight attendants are, and I’m assuming the possibility of being in The Mile High Club is intriguing.

Number Five: Physical Therapist. Annual Salary: $79,000. There are several aspects to being a physical therapist besides just a massage. A therapist is a caring person with a big heart, and men love a woman who caters to their needs.

Number Four: Teacher. Annual Salary: $53,000. An educated woman is very attractive. Intelligent and respected women are in, and the days of the submissive woman are definitely a thing of the past.

Number Three: Advertising. Annual Salary: $88,000. A creative mind is very appealing. An outspoken woman is very confident, and today’s man love an assertive woman. There’s something sexy about a person who always has creative ideas in their heads–if you get my drift.

Number Two: Marketing. Annual Salary: $67,000. The fact that men have ranked advertising and marketing in the top five proves that men love a creative mind. Marketing takes intelligence, a savvy attitude, and great communication skills- qualities men must find very sexy.

Number One: Lawyer. Annual Salary: $113,000. Men obviously find powerful women very sexy. Just ignore the negative assumptions that lawyers are sneaky liars. A great attorney is loyal, hardworking, and smart. Those qualities are very attractive.