Ella Henderson: ‘Mirror Man’ Single Review


Ella Henderson may have something that will attract more people to listen to her music. “Mirror Man” is a comically lovely song that talks about fallaciously falling for someone who only loves himself. Ella, in this track, gives us some Fiona Apple attitude while trying to convey a message about breaking up with someone who is not even worth any time and attention.

The sweltering approach Ella used to tackle the verses is very apt to set the mood for the spunky chorus. The drumbeats of the song really compliments Ella’s voice that resembles a confused girl over one almost-there-but-not-quite kind of love affair. The in-your-face slant Ella capitalized provides the most substance in the song, which does not easily work for just any other singer. To be able to communicate a message like that in “Mirror Man,” a singer needs a strong character that emits an unapologetic vibe.

The lyrics of the song, meanwhile, are peculiarly beautiful in all the right proportions. “Mirror Man” is creatively designed to be brutally honest; thus, there is no need for any lyrical restriction. It’s merely an expression of disappointment over something that almost, but did not really happen. Is this line not sharp enough, “Mirror man, no one could love you / Better than a mirror can?” If that does not rest the case yet, then Ella sings so much more. Take this, “I think you’re falling for you / You see perfection in your reflection / Mirror man, I wish I could love you / Better than a mirror can.” Brilliant!

In terms of originality, both lyrically and melodically, though, “Mirror Man” greatly resembles Katy Perry’s early hit, “Ur So Gay.” In the two songs, both ladies talk about a lover who loves himself more than anything else. “Ur So Gay” and “Mirror Man” are basically just the same, albeit with different textures from the singers’ vocals. While Ella’s song has to be merited for its creative attempt, it still falls short when compared to Katy Perry’s free-spirited “Ur So Gay.” Katy’s personality suited a song with such character better. However, in all fairness, Ella’s vocal style is more dynamic than that of Katy in her song.