Free Music Downloads – Gospel Hip Hop Albums

I bet you didn’t even know this genre of music existed. Yep, Gospel Hip Hop is so niche it’s guaranteed to be the next big thing in music. We especially recommend the fine lyrical preachings of DJ I Rock Jesus.

DJ I Rock Jesus – The Women of Gospel Hip Hopdownload – DJ I Rock Jesus was born Garrick L. Slade November 18, 1964. He began spinning vinyl 18 years later as DJ: “Total Destruction” and was later known for The Chronic Mix as DJ: “Rock Master Gary Garrick”, known to friends as Gary. Garrick received the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ in 1999. With his new life and new career goals, his name changed to DJ: “I Rock Jesus”. DJ: I Rock Jesus made his first debut at a Holy Wear Production’s Praise Party in March 00’.

Heath McNease – The Weight of Glorydownload – After an amazing response from the critically praised indie/folk release of, “The Weight of Glory”, Heath McNease returns 8 months later with this hip hop remix record, “The Weight of Glory: Second Edition.” This album takes the concept and musical content of the first record and flips it on it’s head. Completely re imagined by Nashville producer and mad scientist Greg Lafollette, “Second Edition” features brand new, raw and emotive beats coupled with the most original and spiritually challenging rap lyrics McNease has ever written. This is the perfect record for the fan of beautiful indie production, the hip hop enthusiast, and for anyone looking to be challenged with heartbreaking lyrical honesty.

Steven Malcolm – Real Hip Hopdownload – Bringing Christ to the culture, Steven Malcolm has been traveling all over sharing the gospel and his gift of music to thousands. Since 2011 Steven Malcolm has made his mark on Christian Hip Hop in a remarkable way. Steven has performed alongside Lecrae, Trip Lee, Andy Mineo, and Da T.R.U.T.H. Steven brings electrifying stage presence along with a high energy show full of worship and biblical truth. From touring to leading worship at his home church (The Edge Urban Fellowship), God has given Steven a platform to do what he loves; Inspire the world with the truth of Jesus.

Chris Wisdom – Speak 2 My Futuredownload – A 75 year old man got up and trusted God with his FUTURE. He allowed God to dictate every step he took. How did God tell Abraham that he has Made him the father of many nations BEFORE Abraham had a son. God spoke to Abrahams Future and Abraham allowed God to do this in faith. As it is written: “I have made you a father of many nations.”

Josh McScily – Carol of Hip Hopdownload – Josh “McScily” Orms. Born in Becker, Minnesota but moved to Round Rock, Texas. Josh met Eli Wennstrom and started “rapping” making the group known as Special Features” and they both grew from that. But Josh then moved on to be more solo, he made his first solo album “The Life” in 2011. By now Eli has changed his style and name to Drive-In Kid, working on more folk projects. Josh started a new rap group and worked on an album for Real Talk. Never successfully finished the album but it has 10 solid tracks, including “Famous” and “Fat Emo Hipsters”. Josh and Eli reunited in 2013 starting a new album, “This is Gonna Be Fun”. But time went on and it is still in the making. But Josh McScily isn’t done yet! He is working on his new solo album “The Life Part 2” and it currently has 6 tracks.