Free Music Downloads – Yoga Mix Tapes

Spring is here, and that always means one thing. It’s time to start being more physically active. No matter where you live–in the city or the country, in a cold climate or a warm one – the one universal thing about springtime is that your body starts to wake up and come alive. In exactly the same way those cherry blossoms in the park come alive, or that new litter of kittens that your neighbor is trying desperately to get rid of. These strange marvels of springtime are exactly what prompted us here at FDRMX to compile this list. This list features Free Music Downloads of Yoga Mix Tapes for your listening and exercising pleasure. You don’t like yoga? Too bad! Everyone around you is about to go yoga-crazy.

Snatam KaurRa Ma Da Sadownload – Hailing from the Far East, this playlist features ethereal sitar music and ancient meditation melodies. This music will definitely help you relax, whether you’re on your yoga mat, at work, at home, or driving in your car.

Danny CuddTimelessly Freedownload – You’ve got to love everything New Age, especially when it comes from the yoga guru likes of Danny Cudd. Timelessly Free is Cudd’s first solo album and a world music classic. The combination of hang-based music blended with a myriad variety of ethic instrumentation has resulted in an album that will take the listener on a magical journey far away from the hussle and bussle of the mind. The album features sublime hang melodies and rhythm and world instruments such as bansuri, the India bamboo flute, Shennai, the snake charmers instrument, amazing percussion and much more.

Ben WoodsWe Remembereddownload – This yoga playlist will appeal to every type of yogi, from the mere curious athletes to the spiritual practitioners, all the way to those pretentious bendy hippies who levitate. This playlist has a little bit of everything for everyone.