Free Music Downloads – Classical Albums (Part 1)

Peter Max
Peter Max

PPcorn has hand-picked the top 5 classical albums of the week. The links below are courtesy of Noise Trade, one of the top 10 sites for free music downloads.

Number One: Daniel J. White – Primusdownload. Daniel J. White is a composer and orchestrator from Atlanta, Georgia. White has composed original scores for short films and advertisements for four years now. He began taking violin lessons at the age of nine. Now 20, he continues to learn everything and anything about music. He enjoys well-crafted stories, studying music, watching movies and hanging out with friends on occasion. The young composer is greatly inspired by legendary classical musicians such as Alexandre Desplat, John Williams, and James Newton Howard.

Number Two: David Hollandsworth – Solo Pianodownload. David Hollandsworth is a composer for film, television, videos, ads and radio. Hollandsworth has an extensive portfolio of work that he has done over the years. His inspiration comes from artists like Yanni, Enya, Pink Floyd, King Crimson and Joe Satriani.

Number Three: Lacy Rose – Ghost Musicdownload. Lacy Rose is a classical musician based in Austin, Texas. Rose began writing Ghost Music during her two-year stay in New Orleans. Fascinated by ghosts or spirits from the other side, she created a unique style of classical music ranging from opera to gothic horror. Her music speaks of tragedy, mystery and eternal love. She hopes to awaken the souls of her fans.

Number Four: Fontaine James – The Odd Fellows Halldownload. Fontaine James grew up with a father who loved to sing Johnny Cash around the house and a mother who hummed the tunes on Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66. Fontaine soon discovered a love for music when he saw himself using a tennis racquet as a guitar in front of the mirror. Aside from rocking out in front of a mirror, James sang soprano solos at his Catholic school. The musician’s music is a fusion of classical and Americana, “fresh tunes with a nostalgic bent.” His inspiration comes from Tom Waits, Elvis Costello and the Beatles.

Number Five: Michael R. Oldham – Fantasies For Pianodownload. Michael R. Oldham is a 26-year old composer and pianist from Braidwood, Illinois. The piano became a part of him at a very young age, and his love for film scores inspired him to begin composing. Fantasies For Piano is a six-movement dissection of favorites by artists such as Andrew Bird, St. Vincent Sufjan Stevens and Fiona Apple. After earning a degree in Film Scoring and Composition from Berklee College and studying briefly in Greece, Oldham continues to create beautiful and passionate music as well as looking for all kinds of creative opportunities.

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