Free Music Downloads: For Fans of Bjork

If you love Bjork as much as we do here at PPcorn, then you are always keen to check out music that has been inspired by her. So we have hand-curated a list for you of recent albums that deign to hold a light to the likes of the spaghetti wolf goddess herself.

Among SavagesStart at the Beginningdownload – Among Savages is 24-year-old Nashville, TN-based artist Peter Barbee. His debut record “Wanderings of an Illustrative Mind” is a personal narrative about the triumphs and trials of youth. A composer from an early age, Barbee’s songs are filled with hushed moments that burst into bold grandiose, as understated as they are hooky.

Sarah MacintoshThe Waiters, the Watchers, the Listeners, the Keepers, and Medownload – I sing. I write. I shape words around melodies and then I carry them out to others. I hold them before those others just before I throw my head back and let those melody wrapped words fly at them. Then I wait and I watch the sounds bounce back off of the faces before me and I know, our hearts beat the same. I have done this for years. Sometimes by myself and in the past with my previous band Chasing Furies.

White Noise IntermissionsSlavedownload – “White Noise Intermissions” was written and composed by Dammien Alexander A young cyborg struggles with Humanity -vs- Artificial Intelligence. He has been chosen by the Anunum to destroy the White Noise Virus. The tension between AI (Artificial Intelligence) and CE Cybornetically Enhanced human life-forms reached the tipping point thrusting the inhabitants of the planet Sonica (The Vibrating Planet) into a great war.

ViolentsBlushdownload – If you like Bjork, Blonde Redhead, Janelle Monae, Phantogram, or The Flaming Lips then you should definitely give this band a listen. Emerging young artist, the Violents is a musical act to keep an eye on. With the computer-age sophistication of much older artist, this songwriter has really tapped into something rather smart here. Let’s give her the microphone more often.

Insidious IDNAdownload – Insidious I is an Electronica band from Phoenix, Arizona. Have released two albums prior. DNA is dedicate to all the people who have been diagnosed with cancer -my love and heart goes to you and I am trying to help the best I can-with music. Now gaining huge fan base and concert dates as an indie project.

The SexbotsTrust Gamesdownload – A bunch of kinky 80’s covers by The Sexbots. Ilima’s trademark BBC meets fetish dungeon delivery will make your toes curl. The group has performed shows in Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo, but not everywhere in between. They have opened for bands including Pigeon John, Del tha Funky Homo Sapien, Old Time Religion and Ex-Girl. The Sexbots are a lot of fun.

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