Top 5 Sexiest Films You Need to Watch Right Now

Warning: the films below are not PG. Though there absolutely are more sexually explicit movies than these five sexiest films, these treat the more evocative scenes like an art. It is simply impossible to take your eyes off of any of these steamy movies.

Number Five: 9 1/2 Weeks. An erotic romance from ever-steamy director Adrian Lyne, 9 1/2 Weeks created a furor back in 1985. Watch a young Mickey Rourke seduce the curvaceous Kim Basinger in a way that’s ever so insidious, so beautiful, and so cinematic. The scene where Rourke runs an ice cube all over Basinger’s body became iconic, as it is simply impossible to look away from. This film is as explicit as it is beautiful.

Number Four: Dangerous Liaisons. The official tagline of Stephen Frears’ film reads: “Lust, seduction, revenge. The Game as you’ve never seen it played before” – a highly accurate byline for such a film to hold. While the novel had come out in 1782, this 1988 film adaptation reminded contemporary viewers that in the 18th century there did exist a fiery passion for sex, particularly among society’s elite. The story charts a peculiar game between the Viscount and the Marquise, where they do not hesitate to break people’s lives, use others to avenge former lovers, and shamelessly seduce young girls. This is a brutal, sometimes very intense film with explicit scenes. By the way, it also features a 17-year-old Uma Thurman.

Number Three: Eyes Wide Shut. A film starring the picturesque perfect couple (Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise) already has its sex appeal in place. The film’s story stems from a day when the wife shares her sexual fantasies, and the husband literally goes crazy. He goes in search of something and discovers mystery – and beautiful naked bodies. It’s a film that asks the viewer to guess what all this could mean and interpret the madness of the main character. Several countries initially banned the original cut of the film and were forced to edit the explicit scenes through computer graphics.

Number Two: Y Tu Mamá También. Alfonso Cuarón’s 2001 film was a frank and even frightening drama. It’s about two young men who get acquainted with the beautiful and adult Luisa, and then they go on a highly erotic road trip. Explicit scenes abound, but the film’s most memorable factor is that it has such a shocking and tragic conclusion.

Number One: The Dreamers. The Dreamers is a 2003 film by the acclaimed master of eroticism Bernardo Bertolucci. In the film, the action takes place in France during the demonstrations of 1986, but the characters in the film do not notice, as they’re too busy with themselves. A complex psychological and sexual relationship begins between the heroine (Eva Green), a young man who is in love with her (Michael Pitt) and her brother (Louis Garrel). This film is a beautiful picture filled with endless tobacco smoke and naked bodies.