Everyone Should Love Miley Cyrus


The world was first introduced to Miley Cyrus through the Disney Channel show, Hannah Montana. Millions of young girls fell in love with Miley’s character, Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana. Miley taught young girls that nobody’s perfect, friendship is forever (whereas boys may come and go), and staying true to who you really are is the most important thing girls need to remember in life. However, these young girls watching Hannah Montana, worshipping and loving Miley Cyrus as true fans do, are now young women. These young women are completely different from their selves from nine years ago. Sadly, some of these women have forgotten that nobody’s perfect, friendship is forever, and staying true to who you really are is important and essential. Instead, they ditched Miley when she decided to cast off her image as Hannah Montana. With that action, these young women renounced their love for Miley Cyrus. I think they shouldn’t have.

Miley quickly transformed into the female who can’t be tamed. Her blonde wig and the pure image Disney writers created for her was probably left somewhere on the Hannah Montana set. She no longer sang songs similar to “True Friend” and “If We Were a Movie,” from her Hannah days. Instead, Miley is now singing songs she wants to sing, she’s partying in the U.S.A, and she is now her own true self. Miley danced on poles and in cages. Some young women were appalled. They missed the Miley they once knew, the Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana. They didn’t think it could get much worse as they begged for “the old Miley” to resurface. According to these young women, Miley did get worse – much worse.

The Bangerz movement was the end of the world for the women who grew up with Miley. The tongue, the twerking, the sexual and suggestive motions, and the new image that Miley created destroyed the entire planet, according to some. Who is this party girl? Who is this girl who’s so quick to show her body to everyone? Where are the life lessons Hannah used to sing to girls? This young woman is Miley Cyrus. She’s confident, she expresses herself through her body, and she sends the message that the female body is nothing to be ashamed of. Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana is gone, but Miley Cyrus as Miley Cyrus is here, and she has a life lesson as well.

Miley Cyrus may have undergone a lot of transformations as she shed her Hannah Montana image, but one thing is for certain… she stayed true to who she really is, and she doesn’t care what other people think of her. This is why everyone should love Miley Cyrus. This is why those young girls who grew into young women should have never stopped loving Miley. Unlike many young women her age, Miley has self-love, and this is what she teaches us. She loves herself for who she is, she doesn’t want to change, and she will never let another person’s opinion influence the way she perceives herself. Miley Cyrus is happy just being herself, and this is how all young women should be. So let’s all love Miley and never, ever stop.