Free Music Downloads: Country Albums

Sometimes we feel that country music gets a bad reputation. Uneducated folk might only think of hillbillies and their banjos when they think of country music. So this Free Music Download compilation is meant to set your mind straight, and provide you with some really sophisticated country tunes. Sometimes the best art comes from living in the good ol’ wild nature.

Eilen JewellSundown Over Ghost Towndownload – Eilen Jewell’s sensation sixth album kicks off with “Worried Mind,” a bittersweet song of searching and redemption. Propelled by guest artist Jake Hoffman’s wistful pedal steel and the opening lyrics, “Been all around this world, just to come back to you. Oh my love, my sweet love. It’s a long and lonesome highway, it’s a bitter shade of blue. Oh my love, my sweet love,” Jewell begins her magic act of transporting listeners to some mystical far-away places.

Embleton It Did Me WelldownloadLet Us Make a Record magazine recently wrote about Embleton: “Kevin paints his songs with bold imagery but omits key details. The listener must draw upon their own experiences to fill in the gaps. Amid country waltzes and strummed melodies, everyone shares the same humanity, the same emotions, the same story.” This is the best kind of country music.

Dolly Shine – The Bootleg Exclusive – download – All the way from Stephenville, Texas, this bootleg exclusive from Dolly Shine features a brand new, never released song from the studio, live recordings of “Too Far Gone” and “The Highway Song”, and “Room To Breathe”, a fan favorite – all available for free! You will like this music if you are a fan of Ryan Bingham or Jason Isbell.

Randy LeeLivin’ My Lifedownload – A longtime admirer of Dierks Bentley, Billy Currington, Luke Bryan,Keith Urban, and Blake Shelton, Randy Lee is a newcomer on the scene of country music with his album, Livin’ My Life. Growing up in a family of musicians helped mold Randy into the songwriter and musician he is today.  From touring as a child with his family’s southern gospel band to making his stance in the local bars of Memphis, Tennessee and the surrounding area, Randy has proven to have what it takes to make it in the biz.

Brett DetarToo Free to Livedownload – Never content to rest comfortably within one genre of music – composer, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Brett Detar currently splits his time between writing and recording film scores and releasing albums of original songs.  He’s known for his musical shape-shifting, evocative sense of melody, and distinctive vocals.   Writing and performing his first songs at the age of 6 and beginning piano training shortly thereafter Detar became a full-time professional at 19 joining the seminal hardcore-metal band Zao as guitarist, bassist, & songwriter. His career since then has been nothing short of fascinating.

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