Free Music Downloads: Hardcore Metal Songs

Here at PPcorn we love all musical genres equally. But there is a special spot in our hearts for hardcore metal. Sometimes all you need to do is let your hair down and thrash, am I right? So here is a list of five metals songs that are trending this week. We hope you enjoy.

Number One: We Came as Romans – “Mis//Understanding” – download – We Came As Romans is a metal band that has appeared on the covers of Alternative Press and Substream Music Press magazines, as well as on the front pages of the NJ Star-Ledger, Asbury Park Press, The Aquarian Weekly, and The Metro (Detroit). In addition to their unique sound and good publicity, the group is famous for its commitment to touring. In 2012 the band charged through extensive worldwide touring, including performances in the UK/Europe, Australia, the Philippines, Japan, Russia, North and South America and more, with the likes of The Used, Megadeth, NOFX, Parkway Drive, GWAR, Suicide Silence, and August Burns Red.

Number Two: Shokran – “Supreme Truth” – download – Shokran is an Oriental-Groove-Djent-Metal band hailing from the icy steppes of Russia. Like all truly good metal bands, this group produces songs that are soaked in a sort of dark and mystic quality, a richness of imagination that, when combined with their famous power chords from hell, will send you head-banging in the best way possible. Who doesn’t like a little bit of “viking” in their hardcore music?

Number Three: Textures – “Old Days Born Anew” – download – Textures is a Dutch metalcore band that has been described by the music magazine Oor as the best metal band to ever come out of the Netherlands. The band’s most recent track, “Old Days Born Anew” from their new album, Nuclear Blast, is groovier, catchier, and the production even grander than its 2008 predecessor Silhouettes. The band’s trademark mix of brutality, melody, freaky, innovative rhythms and catchy vocals is still intact, with Bart Hennephof and Jochem Jacobs’s expertly crafted sonic textures and the unruly heavy-hitting of drummer Stef Broks creating the perfect metal cocktail.

Number Four: Municipal Waste – “The Fatal Feast” – download – Born in the sewers of Richmond, Virginia during 2000, with the aim of spreading the shred, Municipal Waste played their first gig at a Richmond New Year’s Eve Keg party in 2000/2001. Blamed for inciting a small riot, the foursome swiftly decided to take their show on the road. The band’s dedication to their art is deadly serious, yet they are not afraid to bring the fun back into hardcore. They have such song titles as ‘Thrashing’s My Business And Business Is Good’, ‘Thrash? Don’t Mind If I Do’ and ‘Drunk As Shit’. These guys are a really good party band.

Number Five: No Omega – “Sleeping In” – download – No Omega is a Screamo/hardcore metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. The group has been an active, hardworking band since their start in 2010. They have released two full-length records and have played almost 300 shows. Their record label is Dog Knights Productions.

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