Ariana Grande: ‘Why Try’ Single Review


Ariana Grande may soon be over her My Everything era. But before she bid goodbye to this great album, let us talk about one song that stands out from it, “Why Try.” It’s a song that sounds like nothing else from the album. It actually could become an instant hit from Grande if only it was released. In this song, Grande showed some remarkable degree of vocal control as well as power in parts when it needs to be loud. Hence, if it’s not too late, Grande and her team could possibly look into “Why Try” and consider it becoming a released track off My Everything.

Vocally, Grande has no problem showing off her pipes. She really can sing the hell out of a song. She can pull off a Mariah Carey is she needs too. In some special parts of “Why Try,” she can also do some Janet Jackson by being smoothly sexy in the verses. These characteristics enable “Why Try” to hold its own amidst a pool of great singles in the album. However, like Grande’s latest song “Adore,” there are some enunciation issues that the “Love Me Harder” singer needs to address. If she can only manage to have a crystal clear delivery, then her sexy voice could reach greater heights.

Lyrically, “Why Try” arguably is one of the most well-written tracks of My Everything. It’s actually on the caliber of what the Grammy Awards notice in the Song of the Year category. It’s not too downright cheesy as a love song. Neither is it too overwhelmingly poetic. It has a straightforward poetry that directly relates to specific individual experiences.

Meanwhile, it is interesting to note how there are hidden gems in My Everything like “Why Try.” Grande’s releases were all certified hits though they were not even the best ones in her album. Therefore, it only proves just how much hitmaking potential Grande has. She is also so fun to watch in her music videos, as she has this specific youthfully innocent charm. Though “One Last Time” was not too much of a visual feast, “Why Try” sounds like something that would look great in a music video.