Top 5 Presidents Who Were Just Regular Guys

Most of us like to imagine the past presidents as regal and elegant professionals who led our country. Contrary to the way we choose to view them, really they were just normal guys. Even the presidents were kids once, and just like the rest of us they liked to have a good time. With the next presidential elections just over a year away and campaigns under way (looking at you, Donald Trump), we compiled a list of the top five presidents who were just regular guys.

Number Five: Richard Nixon. If you’ve ever wondered how up-and-coming congressmen can afford their presidential campaigns, Nixon’s method will certainly shock you. During Nixon’s days in the Navy, it was common for the sailors to gamble over poker games. When he tried it out, he noticed that he was a natural. Over the course of only a few months, Nixon had won about $6,000. Thus, his first presidential campaign was financed.

Number Four: Warren Harding. Harding was a man who also enjoyed the thrill of gambling on poker. It’s said that he played at least twice a week. Much to his chagrin, however, he didn’t have quite the knack for it that Nixon did. It’s rumored that Harding once bet the entire white house china set on one hand – and lost.

Number Three: John Quincy Adams. During his presidency, John Quincy Adams liked to begin his morning routine with a refreshing dip in the Potomac River. In the nude. That’s right, Adams was a skinny dipper. He partook in this activity almost every morning, and it was no secret. He didn’t much care for interviews, and it was very difficult for any reporter to attain one with President Adams. Reporter Anne Royall, however, went down to the Potomac River one morning and held Adams’ clothes hostage until she got her interview.

Number Two: Calvin Coolidge. During his stay in the White house, Coolidge often liked to play games with his staff. Whenever he wanted to know who was working, he would simply press all the White House buttons calling the staff to his aid. He would then hide and watch all of the workers run in to see who was in that day.

Number One: George Washington. Everyone needs a hobby, including the father of our country. During his time, George Washington was renowned for his skill in the creation of liquor. He owned a distillery in Mount Vernon, where he concocted his libations. He was best known for his rye whiskey, apple brandy, and peach brandy. That’s one way to get on the peoples’ good side!