Duke Dumont: ‘Ocean Drive’ Single Review

dukedumont.com / ppcorn.com
dukedumont.com / ppcorn.com

I love a good mid-tempo dance track, and Duke Dumont has the perfect banger for a packed club or solo dance party at home (two viable options for a Friday night if you’re looking for plans). The British DJ/producer just released his latest single, “Ocean Drive,” and it’s the musical equivalent to a car ride during a warm summer night. The 80s-sounding slow-burner features an unidentified male singer providing some smooth vocals to complement the chill, synth-heavy tune. Hopefully, the vocalist doesn’t remain anonymous for long, because I’d love to hear what else he has to offer. Before the pulsing bassline of “Ocean Drive” hit, I knew I was in for a treat.

“Ocean Drive” has a cool vibe throughout, letting the commanding hook add a little more excitement to the track. It didn’t take much to fall in love with this track, especially when the chorus hits with lyrics like, “Don’t say a word while we danced with the devil / You brought the fire to a world so cold.” Duke Dumont has been crafting dance records for years, but 2013 was his breakout year with a single (“Need U (100%) Featuring A*M*E”) that topped the UK charts, landing him a Grammy nomination for “Best Dance Recording” and a record deal with Virgin Records.

I would love to see Duke Dumont get some mainstream love from America, and “Ocean Drive” would be the perfect track to garner that attention. The production is on point, the singer fits the song so well, and I can’t get over the chill tone of the song. Ride out to “Ocean Drive” and try not to let the anticipation for new music take over all of your thoughts.