Taylor Swift: ‘Wildest Dreams’ Single Review


Sayonara to banjos, acoustic guitars, and her naïve side. Taylor Swift is ready to tackle more daring issues on her song “Wildest Dreams,” one of her fan-favorite songs from her latest album “1989.”

Released in October 2014 along with other tracks on her fifth album, “Wildest Dreams” discusses her new perspective of love. Yup, Tay-Tay is learning a thing or two about relationships now. Having vivid thoughts and immediate connection with someone right after you met them, plus realizing how it all ends, listeners, especially Swifties, could instantly be relatable without being basic.

The lyrics are addictive on first listen alone, and I can’t help but to sing along. It has this cynical lesson about relationships that are overwhelming. Also, the lyrics go well with the background music of the song, being an alternative style that can blend well with pop.

This new dreamy and alluring style of Swift is similar to those dark melodic tone and beautiful lyric style of Lana del Rey. The intro and verse will initially deliver an impression like del Rey with Swift engaging on her fluttery soprano and deadpan alto voice.

Although the beat of the track is quite unoriginal, with Taylor trying to undergo on her own metamorphosis, she’s still going to do her. Back in the days where she sings for the tear drops on her guitar and trying to fight for love like Romeo and Juliet with her believing on happily ever after; she now looks on love at a different way with the help of her past relationships. She said, “How long do we have before something puts a wrench in it? Or both of us realized this is not a good idea?”