Top 5 Shocking Stories of Internet Celebrities After the Fame

Internet celebrities have become bigger and bigger every year, but what happens after they hit their stride? Sure, some internet celebrities are able to develop lasting fame, but many eventually become just a blip on the radar that is the massive world of the internet. Here are five shocking stories of internet celebrities and what they did after the fame.

Number Five: Ted Williams. Ted Williams was the homeless man who had the world-famous voice. He was an ex-radio announcer who fell into the world of drugs, which eventually landed him on the streets. However, once he was discovered, the video of him speaking as though he were on the radio went viral almost immediately. He got voice-over work with major companies like Kraft and MSNBC. He also earned a $350,000 book deal. Unfortunately, due to poor business management and some unlucky circumstances, he lost his house and most of his wealth. Despite his misfortune, he went on to get married in 2014 and continues to lead a productive life.

Number Four: Antoine Dodson. Known for his wacky interview for a local news station in which he says “Hide your kids, hide your wife,” Antoine Dodson’s outrageous statements were remixed into a viral “song” that nobody could escape for months. The “Bed Intruder Song” is certified Platinum and sold over one million copies in 2010. Dodson made enough money to move to a safer neighborhood, but that’s not the end of the story. Today, Antoine says he is “no longer homosexual” and became a devout Hebrew. He is married and had a child in 2014.

Number Three: Ghyslain Raza. The “Star Wars kid” video is one of the first memorable viral videos that ever existed. In it, we see Ghyslain Raza performing “impressive” feats with something that is meant to resemble a lightsaber. The video has been parodied numerous times, most notably as an ongoing feature in cult comedy Arrested Development. Because he became such a sensation, Raza was teased mercilessly by his classmates and experienced an onslaught of cyber-bullying as a result. In 2003, Raza’s father filed a lawsuit against the families of the people who uploaded the video of him onto YouTube. Raza had to undergo years of therapy but is now attending law school in Canada.

Number Two: Kyle Craven. Better known as “Bad Luck Brian,” Kyle Craven fell victim to one of the first ever viral memes. The photo of him looking geeky but oddly pleased with himself spread like wildfire across the internet, making people everywhere laugh. However, in reality, Kyle Craven is nothing like Bad Luck Brian. He was his school’s class clown, and the photo of “Bad Luck Brian” was just a joke he played to look extra nerdy. Over the next three years, Kyle was able to turn his fame into a profit and made a whopping $20,000 just by selling the picture to various retailers and other companies. Today, Kyle is a project manager and works for his father.

Number One: Chris Crocker. Chris Crocker was fed up with the way that the media was treating Britney Spears in the wake of her divorce and her decision to shave her head, so he decided to let everyone know about it. Soon, “Leave Britney Alone” became an iconic phrase that anyone could use as a retort when they felt like they were being needlessly lambasted. He was interviewed by Howard Stern and Ryan Seacrest, among others, and he was even parodied on South Park. In 2011, Chris took a step into a little different territory when he decided to try out gay porn with his then-boyfriend. However, a week before the porn was set to shoot, they broke up, although they still filmed the porn together. Hey – leave Chris alone!