The Lazy Drinker’s Guide to Getting ‘Turnt’

If your home has liquor on deck but no mixers to make that ideal cocktail, you’ve been faced with the biggest problem of every lazy drinker. How can I get turnt with what’s already in my kitchen? You don’t need seven different beverages to make one good mixed drink and have a good time. For the lazy drinker who doesn’t have the energy to run to the liquor store, we have compiled five mixed drinks you can make from what’s already lying around the house.

Number Five: Vodka and Emergen-C. If you’ve never tried this cocktail, I highly recommend you do. Emergen-C drink mix packets are absolutely delicious. What better way to get your daily dose of vitamin C than with your alcohol? Simply mix in a packet with your desired amount of vodka, and say goodbye to hangovers.

Number Four: Vodka and Kool-Aid. Every adult wants to revert back to their younger years at times, and this drink will help you embrace both your adulthood and your childhood. Much like the Emergen-C packet, just mix a pack of Kool-aid into your glass of vodka. However, you may also want to add some simple syrup (just melt sugar in a little water) to this one. Stir it all up, and embrace your right to be a kid again!

Number Three: Candy Mixers. Another way to create a cocktail reminiscent of your childhood is to stir in your favorite candy. This may take a bit more time for the candy to dissolve, however, so plan ahead. Again, take your cup of vodka, and stir in any fruit-flavored candy you like and let them dissolve. My personal favorite candy for this is gummy bears, so you have some drunk little bears to nibble on when you’re finished sipping! Skittles? Delicious. Jolly Ranchers? Go for it. Starbursts? Explosive! The options are endless!

Number Two: Jesus Juice. If you’ve never heard of Jesus Juice, it’s time high time you’ve sipped from the cup. This college-concocted beverage is a simple mix of any red wine you have lying around (say, a cheap one that you don’t much like the taste of), with a spritz of Dr Pepper. What a wonderful way to use up crappy wine in a delicious and sophisticated fashion.

Number One: Grey Goose-erade. It’s not likely that we have all the makings of a perfect martini lying about, but we all have Gatorade. If you’re searching the barren shelves of your fridge for something that could possibly be a mixer, Gatorade may be the perfect fit. It goes splendidly with Grey Goose, or any rum or gin as well. I find that when serving it for a party, blue raspberry is a great crowd pleaser. Also, you could make a beautiful layered drink by starting with Grey Goose, pouring in a layer of cherry Gatorade, and topping it with blue raspberry. It may not be the healthiest beverage around, but you won’t run out of energy with this mixed drink!