Top 15 World’s Biggest Things (Part 2)

We already brought you part one of 15 of the world’s biggest things, and now we’re back with part two! Here you’ll see even more outrageously huge things that people have either found or made themselves. Check out numbers seven through one below!

Number Eight: Biggest Snake. Nicknamed “Medusa,” the world’s biggest snake is 25′ 2″, and was measured in 2011. Medusa weighs 350 pounds, and she required 15 people to hold her in order to properly measure her. Her diet consists of rabbits, hogs and deer.

Number Seven: Biggest Arms. Moustafa Ismail has the world’s largest arms. His biceps measure 31 inches in diameter, which is larger than many people’s waists! Though he may resemble Popeye, he is actually allergic to spinach.

Number Six: Biggest Bicycle. Didi Senft is responsible for the world’s largest bicycle, which measure 25′ 7″ long and 12′ 2″ high. The bicycle also weighs over 330 pounds and is legitimately rideable.

Number Five: Biggest Man. Manuel Uribe, though he recently passed away, still holds the record for the world’s biggest man. At his largest, he weighed over 1200 pounds, and he was bedridden from 2002 up until his death. He was able to lose some weight and even get married before his death.

Number Four: Biggest Building. The tallest building is called Burj Khalifa and is located in Dubai. The building is 2,716 feet tall, took six years to build and cost $1.5 billion.

Number Three: Biggest Feet. The man with the world’s biggest feet lives in Paris and has a European shoe size of 58, or a United States size 26. The man who owns these gargantuan feet is named Yeisen Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez; his left foot is slightly larger than his right and measures 1′ 3″ in length.

Number Two: Biggest Pizza. The world’s biggest pizza was constructed in South Africa in 1990. It was 122′ 8″ in diameter and weighed 26,883 pounds. If that’s not unbelievable enough, it held 3,960 pounds of cheese on it.

Number One: Biggest Penis. Perhaps the most famous man on this list, Jonah Falcon has the world’s biggest penis. His hot dog is 9″ flaccid and 13.5″ erect, and it’s so prominent that he has been stopped by airport security for accusations that he holds a bomb in his pants. Well, that’s one way to put it.