Get these Health Benefits from Making a Little Whoopie

The health benefits of sexual activity are a topic that is sweeping laboratories. Though it may just seem like a handful of excuses to get down and dirty, we promise they’re not! An active sex life has a myriad of miraculous benefits for your health, and we’re going to give you the low down. After reading about these eight benefits that sex has to offer, you’ll never want to leave that bedroom!

Number Eight: It Keeps an Active Immune System. Studies are showing that consistent sexual activity is a great way to fight the common cold. Those who partake often are noticeably less likely to get sick. This is because sex produces higher levels of immunoglobulin A in the body. Immunoglobulin A is one of the major antibodies in the immune system fighting to keep you healthy. So, if you’ve been taking a lot of sick days at work, you may want to schedule some alone time with your mate. For your health!

Number Seven: It Keeps that Bladder in Check. Incontinence is an issue that a large portion of women will face at some point in their life. How can you avoid this embarrassing problem? By keeping your body happy and satisfied. Orgasms cause contractions that, with recurrence, will strengthen the pelvic floor. The concept is the same as a workout: if you do crunches regularly, your ab muscles will tighten up. A strong pelvic floor is key to a healthy bladder and avoiding incontinence.

Number Six: It Promotes Normal Blood Pressure. Studies have recently shown that those who have sex more often are more likely to have normal blood pressure levels. However, it only works with the real thing. Results are not the same if you’re, uh… helping yourself. Sexual intercourse has been proven to lower systolic blood pressure, which is the first number that the doctor will see.

Number Five: It’s Great Exercise. As we’ve all probably realized at some point, sex is a fantastic workout. Not only does it quicken your heart rate for a nice cardio boost, but it also works muscles in many different areas of the body. This is great to tighten up and tone those little problem areas all at the same time. Also, as you’ll read in the number three health benefit, you probably won’t even feel the burn! Just like a normal workout, consistent practice will maximize its benefits. Plus, you’ll burn about five calories for every minute.

Number Four: It Promotes Heart Health. Sexual activity is an effective way to keep your heart pumping clean and healthy. Besides the great practice that it’s getting from the cardio you’re doing, it’s also getting a burst of healthy hormones. During intercourse, estrogen is released from a woman’s brain, and testosterone is released in men. Estrogen and testosterone are regular hormones that can do wonders for your heart and your mental health. If these hormone levels get too low, it can produce great risk for osteoporosis and heart disease.

Number Three: It Will Help You Train the Pain. Occasionally, an orgasm can be a tool in fighting bodily pains. They release a hormone into the blood stream that raises the body’s tolerance for pain. Stimulation, in women especially, has been found to block pain originating from the back or legs. Many women have also reported that self-stimulation is a fantastic cure for menstrual cramps or arthritic symptoms, and sometimes even headaches.

Number Two: You’ll get a Good Night’s Rest. If it seems like your partner falls directly asleep every time you get intimate, try not to be too angry with them. It isn’t entirely their fault, it’s mostly chemical. Sex triggers the release of two chemicals in the body called prolactin and oxytocin. The dosage of these two little romance-killers promotes relaxation and sleepiness, as well as can make you fall asleep faster. Let’s face it, your partner was probably pretty exhausted in the first place.

Number One: It will Ease Stress. Sexual activity is a fantastic medicine for many areas of the body. However, the greatest benefit of sex is for the mind. It is exceptionally good for mental health, and has even been known to fight depression in many people. The hormones that stimulation releases make your body happy and satisfied, and promote an all-around sense of well-being. It is a natural, chemical reward that your body gives to ease stress and anxiety. It addition to this, it builds self-esteem by making a satisfied couple feel attached, cared for, desirable, accomplished, attractive, and confident.