Free Music Downloads: Celtic Rock


When I was a child, my mother once dragged me to see a performance of “Riverdance” by Michael Flatley, who for some reason she had a crush on. In retrospect, it was a pretty adorable situation, and the Irish tap-dancing was sort of cool. Here is a list of some recent releases in the genre of Celtic Rock, to commemorate the tradition.

Tehilim Celtic RockGracedownload – In 2013, the couple César Ricky and Jackie M. Mendes, chose to leave the complete lineup of Tehilim Celtic Rock and make your presentations as duo. The idea was a test that ended up working out and deserved to be continued. Although the Tehilim Celtic Rock it is a creation of the couple, the four CDs of the band were released with a full band.

Far Side of the GlenFar Side of the Glendownload – Album Notes The tradition of two fiddles and the uniformity of just one instrument is an aesthetic that south west Donegal musicians’ ears are very familiar with. Archive recordings of two fiddles such as brothers Francie and Mickey Byrne are breathtaking and show a delicate and subtle style with a sweeping bow that is typical of the area.

Sid BaroneFolkloredownload – Sid Barone makes excellent weird aboriginal music, especially for fans of Son House, Dwight Diller, Celtic Clawhammer, Skip James, Folk Acoustic Blues. He has very little online presence, but this album is pretty interesting anyway. I like the album cover of the two-headed banjo player in overalls. That is downright disturbing.

David TrivettA Testamentdownload – So, it would seem that this guy David Trivett is from Colorado Springs, but he’s gone to all the trouble of recording this lovely ballad called “A Testament”, which is extremely Christian and also extremely Gospel-y. But it’s in the traditional Irish style, and he is a decent guitar player. Inspiration comes from all kinds of places.

Susan HawthorneHere for Usdownload – A seasonal celebration including confectioner’s jazz carols, soothing piano ballads, and ethereal Celtic. This nativity jazz collection includes alto sax, piano, bass, drums, and sometimes flute or organ as a combo, along with orchestra and voice. Vocals range from shining to slightly sassy. A Christmas collection with a sense of joy and Christian exuberance.

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